Crochet colour and quick makes

16th June 

Having made a vase last week which took no time at all, very little thinking power and no money, see  here , I was keen to add to my quick make collection, add colour to our home and have something to do without taxing me as life is very busy at present.  Below is the result.  I have added a cushion to my crochet collection and made a matching tea light holder.  All made in the super quick granny stitch, see the vase post for how to  help.  I then added a scallop edge on the tea light for extra detail.  The weather has turned cold again here and so I could not photograph outside, which meant I played indoors with the cushion in various rooms and situations.  Indulge me, please!

For the cushion pattern on the right, see here

For the scallop edge, all you need to do is to slip stitch into first stitch of row below, then into each next consecutive stitch, sc, hdc, dc, trc, dc, hdc, sc, sl and repeat this until the end of your row.

The recent quick make collection!

BUT, this is what I should have been doing instead... now to do paper work and admin!
Hope you all have a great week


  1. Alt bare helt fantastisk Selma.

    1. Glad you like it. Haven't got the head space for anything complicated at the moment. But still wanting to not be crafty idle!!

  2. It is so much nicer to be crocheting than doing paperwork, it is very easy to end up distracting yourself isn't it!! Everything you made is very pretty, so I can see why you would rather be playing crochet than working!! xx


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