Christmas pudding, craft style!

17th December

Mamma is in residence so Christmas proper can start, we need to work out what to eat over the festive period, make lists, order and buy the food and drink,  finish off projects, entertain people, write this blog, buy a tree and decorate it, finish wrapping presents, buy the odd forgotten present(!) and have a good jolly in London with a Christmas sing along which has now become a new household tradition and not forget to breathe!  Anyone else recognise the scenario?

The thing with loving Christmas so much and going to lots of effort means that you become known for it as it stands out a little from the norm, there are many of us out there.  Most enjoy Christmas, many love it and nearly everyone decorates, but the Christmas freaks are a little thinner on the ground, and I confess, you probably already know, I am a Christmas freak, but VERY particular about what I like and what fits in with our Christmas household.

Over the years many have brought Christmas gifts to our house, some bought, some made, some edible and others drinkable!  and all very welcome, but there are the exceptions that break the rule and become part of my yearly hoard of items that are brought back out year after year.  Several years ago now, a friend of mine in the village knitted a tea cosy and gave it to me saying, "I just had to make it, knew I would never use it and thought, yes, I know the perfect recipient."  That recipient was me!  Very glad I am of the tea cosy too...a knitted Christmas pudding tea cosy. Now I know this is not Norwegian, but this is not a blog solely on Norway, it is about my eclectic life and having been brought up in the UK to parents not born here, we have our own country traditions for many things, but it can truly be said that my family have totally embraced British life too.  So Christmas for us is not just Scandinavian, we are British too, so Christmas puddings which do not grace Norwegian tables, most certainly grace ours and are ALWAYS homemade, we love stir up Sunday in this household.

So very grateful for this home made knitted present
A similar tea cosy can be found at:

If you could see me now you would laugh, I suspect.  I am sitting here in my PJ's on a wet December morning, before work, looking out of the French doors onto the village beyond, hoping the computer and desk are shielding me in return from the outside world, also wearing my favourite Christmas hat.  It is keeping me toasty warm and I do not need to crank on the heating as nothing is being lost from the top of my head.  In fact I could be a bit too warm!  This hat?  Homemade of course.  Another knitted present from a fellow Norwegian.  She actually knitted it for one of my children who collects hats, but I seem to have taken it over the last couple of years.  This hat?  A Christmas pudding hat of course!

I think my hat tasteful and not too over the top, it is a typical beanie design and so not too blingy and silly.  Hope you agree. 
To find a similar knitted pattern should you wish to join me in keeping your head warm and festive at this time of year, you could use this pattern, it is not the same, but very similar:
I absolutely love this crocheted version, but you do have to pay for the pattern:
Tree decorations
There are so many patterns out there for Christmas puddings, we seem to have a love affair with them.  The Norwegians have their knitted Christmas baubles, why not have knitted Christmas pudding decorations, a pattern can be found here for the knitters:
 and a pattern here for the crocheters amongst you:
Place setting
I had four of these, but people love them SOOOO much that I now only have one left, thank goodness, so I can share with you, so again, I have more to add to the wish list, as these are lovely to have in a bowl or by a table place setting, as little table presents.  What am I talking about?  Hollow knitted mini Christmas puddings, with a Ferreo Rocher chocolate inside!  How wonderful is that?  Everyone who sees one, oohs and ahhhs.  The pattern that was used was from Raverly and is free to download, you know you want to, do it now!!
Not forgetting there are many of you who do not knit or crochet, I have neglected my sewing machine these past few months and am itching to get back to it, something that I shall rectify in the new year, these look fun to make too:
For hand sewing and using felt and basic stitches, these would be very quick and easy to make, a child friendly version, or those averse to a bit of sewing, all could be assembled with craft glue and no sewing involved!  If you really need instructions, here is a good pattern with a twist, the puddings are heart shaped, you know us Norwegians, we ♥ hearts at Christmas:
 For a 3D version of a sewn Christmas pudding, i think this is pretty cute, found on the 'stitchcraftcreate' website:

I am truly looking forward to eating Christmas pudding on the 25th with family, just cannot wait!



  1. This Cristmas pudding hat looks fantastic. And if it keeps you warm all the better!

  2. Aww, thank you1 I ♥ it! Glad you do too. thanks for popping back Kelly and leaving a comment. Really apprciaited. In case we do not touch baser before, hope you and yours have a great Christmas x

  3. Just found your blog and am having great fun reading your posts..Thank You!

    1. Thank you, the blog is still in its infancy, we are only 18 days in. It is taking an extraordinary amount of time to do, I am surprised, but it is great fun. To receive comments such as yours has warmed my heart and I thank you. Hope you keep popping in to visit, you are so very welcome here ♥ Love to receive comments as often as you have time for!


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