Christmas Cookies number 7

20th December

Specialist tins, but you could use Yorkshire pudding
tins or silicone muffin moulds instead
Today is the day!  Today we complete the Norwegian tradition of having baked seven småkaker for Christmas.  Out of all the recipes you can choose, and there are many, each family chooses their favourites to make, and so my seven will be different to someone elses.  My final contribution to this tradition are Sandkaker (Sand cakes).

200g butter
100g sugar
1 egg
250g plain flour
50g blanched almonds
2 drops of almond essence

♥  Whisk together the butter and sugar until a
     light cream colour..
♥  Add in the egg.
♥  Mix in the sifted flour, almonds and essence
    and form a dough.
♥  Let the dough rest for a while in a cold place.
♥  Grease the Sandkaker tins and press a small
    amount of dough into each tine until even
    and level all round.
♥  Bake in oven for 10-15 minutes, until a light
    golden colour.
♥  Cool in tins, remove carefully once cooled. 
    (I find this very tricky to get them out!)

These are delicious on their own with a cup of tea or coffee but are traditionally served with whipped cream and fruit.

NOTE:  For the purpose of this blog, I experimented with different cases, as I assume most of you will not have Sandkake tins.  I used the silicone muffins cases and Yorkshire pudding trays.  For both it would be best to roll out the pastry and cut using a serrated edge round cookie cutter, as you would for mince pies, and gently press them into the casing that you use.

These are the Sandkake cases upside down so you can see the fluted edges better, fill them with whipped cream and fruit.

These sandkake were made using the silicone muffin cases, looking at the upside down ones, they too have a little fluted edge, so nearly a traditional shape!

These sandkake were made using a Yorkshire tin and with a serrated edge cookie round cutter.  I think these work rather well and actually may use this in the future as a quick method of making sandkake!


...and here are all seven småkaker 

I do hope you have enjoyed the journey of baking them as much as I have   Thank you for popping over to visit!


  1. I still havnt got round to making those "S" shaped ones but next week I'm on it!!!!!

    1. You should, they are delish. Taste best on day of baking and then I pop them back in the oven as I need them to freshen them up. I like them as us, some prefer them with butter. Enjoy x

  2. It's difficult to know which to try first, but I think that by a whisker, yesterday's sound most tempting. I'll have a go over the weekend. Thank you for posting so much inspiring yummiest.

  3. It us all down to personal choice. I love the vanilla wreaths. Let me know how you get in, it would be great to see photos too!


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