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      Sucess and failure

      25th July

      What an interesting few weeks we've had in our eclectic home.  I have been very sporodic in my blogging but hope to be better in the coming weeks, would love you to pop by and share a coffee with me over the summer, you would be most welcome.

      This week I share with you both success which are fun and my failures not so much.

      I am in Norway this week and the latest craze to take over knitting fantatics here are cotton washcloths, either for kitchen or bathroom use.  They are colourful and soft to the touch, I can see why so many become hooked on them.  In fact there is even a facebook page dedicated to a dishcloth a week.  So whilst in Rome and all that as well as it fitting in neatly with me continuing my knitting challenge of knitting more this year, I set to.

      Dishcloths galore, clever mamma

      My attempt, thought I would make a nautical one for our boat

      It took a lot of concentration

      But frogging had to occur again and again

      In the end I decided to make a sample to get
      the pattern correct.  I managed but could not see
      it was an anchor.  Can you? So decided
      the pain was not worth it

      It was after this disatrous encounter that I felt it would be safer both for my sanity and hurt pride to return to my love of crochet.  Magazines here always have crafty goodness within to make and I fell in love with some serviette ring holders.  A day later and I had eight made.  I am as pleased as punch and now want to make some for all occasions, thinking Christmas next... Over on IG some thought I was making a summer bunting with them. I may just do that too!

      The beginnings of serviette rings, colurful and jolly

      Cake and coffee place setting

      Mocha roulade made, just waiting on the coffee

      Crocheted motifs and sewn onto ribbon

      On a high from the above I decided to bring out the bunting I began a while ago and to complete it, I am almost done, so hope to have it finsihed by the end of the week, it's looking just how I imagined.

      Starting to put it altoghter

      Photographing in Norway is so easy, so many great places

      In other news from home, the garden is progressing and we are mightliy pleased although we did have a path failure, which I share with you here, it has now been rectified and we are delighted, but this will be another post...

      Oh dear, too angular and not the
      flowing path I had imagined

      And another failure with glass :(  I love glass fusing as some of you may have noticed and I decided to make my uncle a bowl similar to the one here  but on firing it came out with a sharp edged bottom and a tad wonky.  It's ok and I am already using it, but it has to be classed as a failure as I can not give it to the intended recipiant.

      Do you have many success and failures?

      Have a wonderful week, joining in with Amy,  here sharing my five sucesses and failures with you.  Hope you have time to pop back over the summer, you are most welcome!

      ♥ Happy summer everyone ♥

Glass sea scapes

6th July

I love colour, brights,  pastels and I always think red.  But since glass fusing has taken a hold of me, I realise I hanker to work with sea colours, blues, turquoises, pale greens, I just cannot get enough of them.

My blue makes so far...

So it should come as no surprise that this morning I began three seascape wall hangings...

Lighthouse by the sea

Sailing away

Below the sea

All three are still a work in progress, they need playing with, cleaning and re assembling as well as making and adding the copper wire hangers that need to be placed between the glass before fusing.  Once all this is done, they can be transferred to the kiln for an over night firing.  Never knowing quite how the heat will move and affect each piece of glass is always exciting.  I'm looking forward to these being completed.

  Have a great week where ever you are 

An eclectic hot week

3rd July  

So much to share and so little time, let the pictures do the talking today...

Eating for a healthier life style this week...

Breakfast in a cup

A meze lunch with family

Different salads all week for dinner

Playing with glass as much as I can...

Last weeks cutting...

...to this weeks light catcher

A bowl in the making

A slightly wonky bowl produced

The sewing machine has been out this week...

A dress almost completed, fully lined too!

Last weeks fabric became this weeks bunting,
today it travels to the USA

I quite fancy it for myself though!!

A week of traditional British sport...

Even out local florist supports Wimbledon

Love the tennis rackets and suspended tennis balls

My daughter and friends on the river Thames, with our boys quad
in the background preparing to race at Henley Royal Regatta

A beautiful day by the river

Perfect weather

So very British

A little bit of garden tranquillity after sad news of Wink...
I wore my flowers from Amy as a gift from one blogger to
another to honour the memory of Marinke, who lost her battle
with depression last Friday. 
A great blogger and inspirational crochet designer.

A Red Admiral butterfly finds a moment of peace
in our ever constant renovating garden

♥  This week I'm going to take time out to hold my loved ones just that little bit closer, sending warm regards to you all   ♥

Joining in with Amy sharing my five things with you this week.