An eclectic five

September 16th

Waking up to the loudest thunder crack at 3 am does nothing for my beauty sleep nor my poor old
Fire brigade looking after us in the village
ticker.  It took some minutes before I realised that it was just a rain storm passing through and took even longer for my heart to completely calm down.  But wow what a storm, it is still raging now and our wonderful local fire brigade are out there trying to clear the drains and stop our properties from flooding.  Driving John to the station this morning took Olympic driving skills, wishing I had a car I could raise by a couple of feet too. Hope everyone is OK out here in our neck of the woods.  Did you know you can track where lighting strikes, quite fascinating.  You can zoom in on the map and see local to you, but here I show the entire UK map for lightening strikes between the hours of 3-6 am, just look!!

Lightening strikes in the UK on 16/09/16 between 3 - 6 am

To have a look at the site yourself click Lightening maps

It's unbelievable really when you think how wonderful the last few days have been, almost Mediterranean, as I walked out of the supermarket last night a wall of warmth enveloped me and I love it.  I suppose thunderstorms after heat like that are very Tuscan.  Did you see the red sun setting last night?  It was truly glorious and of course my photos did not do it justice but another weatherman I follow on Facebook snapped a great shot yesterday at Oxford station, just look at the colour of the sky, no photo editing here, promise, it just did not need it...

Pink sky at night in Oxford photo by Oxfordshire Weather Watch

Life has been continually hectic here in this eclectic home and all of my own doing, my feet have not touched the ground and I could actually really rather do without this rain today as I have a garden party tomorrow for 25 celebrating pappa's 80th, wish me luck with the weather.  As is always the case for family celebration a kransekake has to be made.  It's made and the icing is done just the final decorations need to be added later today but so far it look like this:

Baking the kransekake

Ready to be boxed up before final decoration

To find out what this cake is and how to make it follow the link:  Kransekake

I have been travelling again, I knew the travel itch was still scratching so we had a sneaky 4 days away last week in Russia.  It was truly amazing and I was blown away by the architecture, the history and the warmth of the Russian people, sneak peak at a couple of photos ahead of a Russian post...

The Church of the Spilled Blood, possibly one
of my all time favourite buildings

Just look at the detail of the interior
 And let's not forget a crafting girl has to travel with her crochet after all and in the spirit (see what I did there!) of travelling to Russia had to partake of some vodka!

Hope you have enjoyed my 5 for today, I look forward to popping along through out the week and reading all your posts too, forgive me if it takes a while I have a party to plan and cater for and then to recover from!  Joining in with the lovely Amy ...

There is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes

Edit:  Just received these photos of the local train station:

And this is the pub on my road...

The River Thames

September 5th   

For the past 15 years we have hosted a small friends and family regatta on our stretch of the
Thames.  It's a hands on weekend for everyone involved and everyone from the youngest to the oldest takes ownership and is involved in either food prep, organising, running the event, entertainment, tidying up, safety, communications etc, you name it and someone within the group has to do it.  The week end belongs to everyone and although it takes place at our home, it is not our regatta but every ones.  It is one of my favourite if not 'the' favourite weekend of my year.  It has to be said not all take part in the water activities, but there is so much going on over the weekend that there is something for everyone.  Long may this regatta continue and I hope the younger generation continue it, it's looking good so far...

Want a glimpse?

It all begins with the invite.  Last year saw the first video invite and we decided to carry on with it again this year...

Regatta Invite 2016 click on the below link :  

A visit to the local lock keeper to purchase boat licenses

I managed to complete the boat garland
for more info:  Boat garland

Cocktail prep for 30 ;)

One family arrived with printed t-shirts after
protesting at a prize giving judgement last year...
'We woz robbed'

Not everyone makes the Friday night meal
and we always eat outside

The youngest at 2 and the oldest at 80, it's a weekend for everyone

Proper Swallow and Amazon boats,
two of them made by our friends

Some of us dress the part

Buoyancy aides are a must requirement for the children,
adults are allowed to choose whether to wear them or not

We swim, boat, windsurf, kayak, canoe and row

Each year we seem to add more 'kit'

There is the odd entertainment, different each year

The family rowing race has become a tad raucous over the years

The forecast was not great so we
brought a fire pit to keep us warm

Warm popcorn served on returning from the river

We always begin the Saturday
eating with Rosie's tit bits

We watched the latest Brimble boat video
We couldn't all fit in to watch the video

Prize giving is generally outside too
but not this year, it poured with rain!

Prizes range from medals to moose heads!

Everyone who is presented with a F.O.C (Friends of the Classics)
 medal is required to wear it to prize-giving.  Some years
the odd person forgets, here a little ditty had been composed
to apologise and beg forgiveness!

After the prize giving we have main dinner.
Due to the weather for the first time in
15 years we had to eat the BBQ indoors :(

We chat till the wee hours in the morning when someone else is giving the task of cooking breakfast for the masses before everyone departs for another year...

Until next year...

♥  Regatta 2016  ♥

Summer in a nutshell eclectic style

September 2nd

September!  Can you believe it?  Until last week I thought the summer sun had forgotten to show it's face.  I am sooo not ready for it to be autumn, despite the fact I love change of seasons and could only live in a country that has all four, I do feel this year summer has somehow passed me by.  When I mention this to others they laugh and say we've had a good summer, so where was my ray of sunshine?!!?!?


Love Cornwall but it gave us nothing but grey skies this year

Can't beat a good bit of south coastal
bunting to make it feel like summer

The newly refurbished Art Deco Lido was a hit with us all

The whole place had great lines

Even the changing rooms were stylish in their line

Leaving the mainland behind it
looked like the sun was about to shine!

Scilly Isles

I love me a sandy beach

So few people on the islands it was great 

Yet again British bunting, gotta love it! 

Agapanthus the flower of the islands and
our boat out there in the harbour

We saw so many pods of dolphins and porpoises this summer

They tend to play at the bow of the boat, we often
hear them when we are down below even before
those on deck can see them, they communicate
with each other all the time
as the sound travels through our hull

Crochet and knitting featured heavily this summer
and as we were to leave the Scilly isles it looked
like the sun was about to shine there too!


Plymouth has so much to offer the tourist

We caught up on some history
and good food whilst here
A novel bar at the marina, love the quirkiness of it
On our final day of sailing (and crocheting)
the sun was threatening to come out

I can always rely on Norway to provide summer
sunshine, something to do with the gulf stream
I believe, oh how wrong I was this year!

The normally refreshing lake swims were cold
but did not stop us, although perhaps it did
shorten the time we were in the lakes each time  

In our final days it threatened to shine with sun...

...and on the last day it did!

At home in mamma's garden

Mamma's shed, typical Norwegian style

I dashed here and there soaking up the sights and sounds
which always feel so very much better in the sunshine

You are never more than 10 minutes away
from water in Norway, be it lake, fjord or sea

One sunshine day out of 20 is not bad, right?!?

Stay-ca-tion (home)

Being away so long meant that the veg patch was neglected

The leeks instead of being eaten now look like show pieces

Wild and windy walks were the order
of the stay-cation part of our holidays

Whilst we also  spent some fun days in the capitol, London,
here is the inside of the new London Bridge concourse,
we were part of a project group to see how the signage
was and if we could locate things easily, it was a fun day out

Loving the lines of architecture at London Bridge

We had lunch at the Shard

Saw the view of a grey London, but loved
spotting all the iconic buildings

View from the Shard

Evening strolls in the capitol were colourful

But it's always wonderful to be at home...

Now the final days of the holidays, we are chilling and
hanging out and the weather has finally turned beautiful for us!
Maybe we should have stayed at home all the time?!?!?

Joining in with  Amy   after a summer break, showing you the five places I have hidden myself away this summer.  Hope you have had a great restful summer as well.   
Hopefully normal blogging will now resume although I still feel a little travel itchiness...
do keep popping by however as I have lots to share in the coming days and weeks,
 love having you here with me.  

 Wishing you all a wonderful September