Glass sea scapes

6th July

I love colour, brights,  pastels and I always think red.  But since glass fusing has taken a hold of me, I realise I hanker to work with sea colours, blues, turquoises, pale greens, I just cannot get enough of them.

My blue makes so far...

So it should come as no surprise that this morning I began three seascape wall hangings...

Lighthouse by the sea

Sailing away

Below the sea

All three are still a work in progress, they need playing with, cleaning and re assembling as well as making and adding the copper wire hangers that need to be placed between the glass before fusing.  Once all this is done, they can be transferred to the kiln for an over night firing.  Never knowing quite how the heat will move and affect each piece of glass is always exciting.  I'm looking forward to these being completed.

  Have a great week where ever you are 


  1. Wow Selma! They look beautiful! That sure looks like a fun and creatively expressive art form. I bet they'll turn out just lovely.
    Happy week ahead to you! xo

    1. Carrie, they did turn out pretty good. Will share pics soon

  2. They look great! Well done.

  3. I love these blues. Please show them to us again when they are finished. x

  4. lovely play with glass :) always love the aquatic theme
    ive always wanted to try glass fusing, stained glass making and making ceramics :) i only got as far as glass painting :)
    i should take my paint pots out :)

  5. What a great looking design and option for those who are looking for some kind of way to have their own kind of design with their glass. Something that really is interesting as well is that you mentioned all the different kinds of things that can be done to ensure that you get the best little details available, like the fish in the ocean that you shared. I personally would love to be able to have some kind of way to have some additional options for glass project ideas. Thank you for sharing this amazing concept.


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