Snowflakes at Christmas

11th December

Some of the 24 different varieties
of crocheted snowflakes
When I think of Advent, the run up to Christmas and the Big Day itself, it is always with hope of fresh crisp white snow, blanketing the world around me, creating this almost bubble like cossetted effect of, all is well with the world.  Of course the number of times here in the UK that this has actually occurred in my life time can probably be counted on one hand, so I am chasing a dream.  Unlike mamma and many of my family and friends who already have snow in Norway for Christmas this year.  Each year it is the same and this year is no different.  So how to get around it?  I create my own snow fest and create an impression of white.  How do I do this?  With homemade snowflakes of course!  In our home we have snow flakes made out of crochet and they are in all different shapes and sizes.  In each home that I have lived in since leaving the house where I grew up, the crocheted snowflakes have followed me and have grown in number over the years.  Some are now beginning to look a little yellowed with age and so it is time to make some more and 'freshen' them up... Yes, on my 'to do' list for the new year.  Could someone nudge me in February to get cracking with this ever growing wish list of things to do please!?

The snow flakes are added to the window with white tack and there they smile at us each day.  During day light hours, not so many any more as we are fast approaching the shortest day of the year, they cheer us up no end and in the evening the lamplight glow catches on the white and brings extra warmth into our home at night.

I do not have any specific patterns that are used, but have below collated a few snowflake patterns for you to have a dabble and play with.  Join me in adding snow to your home at Christmas.  Remember though that it is important to block your crochet to achieve the desired finished effect, just look at the difference it can make.

For those of you who do not crochet (yet!) there are a couple of other options to enjoy too. Below the crochet patterns are some linked to great sites for paper cutting your own snowflakes, such intricate details and fine cutting is amazing.  Something for the boys too, even Darth Vader snowflakes!  imagine!  However, should you wish, you do not need to cut snowflakes out of paper or card, but could use material instead, felt would be particularly good for this and a more permanent solution, which can be brought out year on year and be another added tradition to your home as it is to ours.


Enjoy snow flaking!

Snowflake crochet patterns:

Lucy at Attic 24 has very clear instructions with photographs step by step, it is a fantastic website.

A great book to use if you become addicited to this ideas and would like to have different snowflakes, then this is for you!
Go to "100 Snowflakes to Crochet: Make Your Own Snowdrift: To Give or For Keeps" page

Snowflake paper/card/felt patterns:

Basic how to fold to obtain the correct shape: 

EXCELLENT for boys and men and fans of Star Wars, such clever ideas for snowflakes: 

Takes snowflake papercutting to a whole new level: 


  1. Hmm, tried to post a comment but I don't think it worked. :-(
    Was trying to say how delicate and effective your crochet snowflakes are. And they're even more beautiful for all being different.

    1. Thank you. Snowflakes on the window certainly do add to the atmosphere in the room, give it a go! I have my eye on the book I added to this post as sure there will be lots in there that will be very different!

  2. So beautiful snowflakes! I like those on the window .Such a great idea!

    1. Thank you. Have been doing this for over 20 years and my mother before that. It is now traditional in our homes. Hope you try it too!


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