Crocheting slipper socks and lunch

15th January

Whilst at work yesterday Mamma entertained a gaggle of ladies and hosted a lunch.  I was most envious but needs must!  Today however I was able to have some of the left over which made for a much better lunch than I am used to! 

Please make this salad, it is unbelievably lovely

Leek & Grape Salad
0.5 kg  green grapes
0.5 kg leeks
1 tbsp sugar
lemon juice to taste
3-5 tbsp creme fraiche
3-5 tbsp mayonnaise

♥  Cut grapes in half and thinly slice the leeks, put to one side.
♥  In a large bowl mix the creme fraiche and mayonnaise, (the amount depends on how creamy and coated you would like the salad to be.)  Add the sugar and lemon juice to taste.
♥  Once all mixed up, add grapes and leeks and mix well.  Leave in fridge if time allows before eating and ENJOY!

I have also managed a little bit of hooky time and now have got past the heel on my first ripple slipper sock.  It is very colourful and jolly and am looking forward very much to being able to wear them!  Will keep you posted.

Red and pink in bottom right hand corner are the heel,
it has come out very neat.
Have a great Wednesday!
For those interested my sister has arrived in America and began her new job today! Good luck sis x



  1. I love the slipper socks! Bet they'll be cosy, too.

  2. Mmm ... green grapes and leeks sounds unusual and interesting! Socks going to be nice) And best wishes to sister, to begin something is always so great!

    1. The salad is unusual, but it is so VERY TASTY, try it! Have progressed some more with the slipper socks and they are very warm and cosy. Sister is doing well, I think... hope all well with you, lovely to read your comments, thank you ♥


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