Log fires and a British pub on a rainy Sunday afternoon

26th January

Mr H decided to partake of a four hour cycle ride today in the torrential rain. He set off and I set up the sewing machine to finish a black and white clutch bag. I shall be using it for my dinner date in London on Saturday. Just need to think of an outfit now!

Can you tell what colour lining I chose?

Unlike the glasses case, this one required
space for cards in the lining. colour does not
show well here, but it is electric blue

As soon as I had completed my project the phone rang and it was the cyclists calling for help. The rain had been coming down in sheets and with the wind chill factor both cyclists were freezing, so the car and I came to the rescue. However in the space of time they had managed to cycle 30 miles, don't think I could have done that! (or wanted to!!!!)
It was decided therefore to find a snug pub with a log fire and the two corresponding families of the cyclists to meet up and have a jolly time. We decided to find a pub equidistant to the two homes which brought us to Henley-on-Thames. Normally pubs by the river Thames are heaving on a Sunday and too crowded for comfort, but we ended up being the only ones to brave the weather and had the place to ourselves, log fire and all!

Everywhere I looked around this pub, there was something unusual, quirky or well placed. Much thought and care had obviously gone into the decor and I loved it. The food wasn't bad either.
Houses of Parliament sauce

Log fires on a rainy Sunday afternoon
I loved these coat racks and thought they could not be that difficult to make, but as anything it is to find the time. So I always take a photograph in the feint hope that one day...
Being in Henley and by the Thames, it was only fair that there had to be some rowing paraphernalia, a couple of rowing seats!
Above our dining table was this 3 foot long chandelier...
...and underneath it the chaps pulled out the OS map to see where they had cycled, only to find they had not cycled the route they had planned!

The whole atmosphere of the pub was lovely with quirky things to look at and it was terribly clean, loved it!

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday too

Just for a brief moment the sun shone on Henley bridge.


  1. Love the bag, Could se the colour of the lining on the first photograh. Want to see the outfit you decide to wear on Saturday now.
    Some Sunday you had, the men must be mad cyceling in that weather but the pub seems a nice and cosy place, hope thet dried out! (Bestemor)

    1. J was not sure his inner core would ever warm up again, think he had mild hyperthermia! He was shaking so much and green/blue in colour!

  2. That pub looks lovely - lovelier than a four-hour bike ride in the rain, certainly! I've seen coat-racks like that on Etsy and admired them.

    I love your bag. Enjoy looking glamorous for your dinner date!

    1. Pub was lovely and we will go back. An eased with the bag. Me H just rolled his eyes and gently laughed to himself when I explained I had made it to use when we meet up with friends this weekend! Sure he us worried if he stands still for long enough that I may crochet bomb him!


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