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      Rain rain go away! Embroidery for the soul

      7th January
      Taken today, a very different Thames to the one we usually see!
      View taken looking towards home.
      I cannot help it, but I am back to talking about the weather!! Bonkers or what?!?! It truly is one minute beautiful blue skies, albeit windy and then BAM! heavy torrential down pour. The ground is so sodden it is untrue and we have sprung a leak...well, several actually. That is the problem with living in a house over 400 years old, things break and often! So we have the classic saucepan scenario going on in one of the bedrooms over here at the eclectic house and a bed moved away from the wall in another bedroom. Best get round to sorting that out soon then!


      View of the Thames away from home

      In the mean time I have been thinking about embroidery.  Those of you who have been reading the blog may well remember that I attended a ladies Christmas lunch not so long ago, see post here:  http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/ladies-christmas-lunch.html
      Where my S-I-L had made a lovely embroidered bag.  A nagging feeling began and an itchiness in the fingers started to tingle.  I had to get back to embroidery.  Having not touched a needle and thread in a decorative way for several years, I did not fancy anything too difficult and as I cannot stop thinking about and talking about the weather what better than to embroider something to do with it.  So here it is my little embroidery...TA DAAA!
      Hoping this will be a magical rain embroidery to stop the rain soon

      In Norway many years ago in the time of Bestemor (Grandmother) and her mother before her, they used to always embroider 'pyntehånkle', decorative hand towels.  These would be embroidered usually in one colour only, a little like my rain girl above.  I can recall only blue embroidered towels but mamma tells me red was also very popular.  After all red is a very Scandi colour.  These towels would be hung on a rail above a shelf.  The purpose being they were to be decorative and hid the contents of the shelf behind!  A neat idea, although in modern society, we tend to hide everything behind cupboard doors, or haphazardly displayed on Welsh dressers as a decoration in itself.  I do like the idea of a decorative towel though.  Maybe another wish list make?

      Hope your umbrellas are bearing up in this weather, it feels like snuggling indoors and hooky time to me.  Think I better put all my crocheted stars and crochet a few more, then put them to some use, watch this space...

      Stars pattern are from Attic 24 if anyone wishes to have a go.  They are SUPER QUICK, each one only 3-5 minutes to make and very addictive too!  Link below:




      1. Very cute, I was going with a jelly fish :) though an umbrella definitely seems more appropriate! We've had some snow and rain but nothing like your weather - although tonight we're expecting a "polar vortex" which doesn't sound too good! Blankets and gas fire at the ready.

      2. I have seen a few photos from your end too, this polar vortex sounds awful although google the ice on the light houses, most amazing photos ever. Will be thinking of you, keep warm ♥

      3. The flooding is crazy, isn't it? And the rain Just Won't Stop. And it's so mild. Weird. I think North America nicked our winter. ;-)
        Love the embroidery. Did you draw it out on paper first, or just start stitching freehand?

      4. It is madness tis true! Have friends in USA caught up in the polar vortex, not nice! I used one of the sewing pens that disapprears after a while and if not you can gentle wash it off with soapy water, although, mine was disappearing nicely. Made it all so much easier to sew, therefore meaning it was quick! As you know, I am not great a BIG projects! Also have many many WIP ones that need to be done something with!! ♥


      I will always read all comments and will try to reply but it may take me a couple of days, do please pop back and lets get a conversation going...