A whopper of a week end

17th March

Firstly...Happy St Patricks Day to you all

I wouldn't normally take a photo of my washing, but loved it
against the glorious blue sky. 
Look how clear the jet stream of the plane is too!
I crocheted in the sun too!
What an amazing weekend of weather, it was just what the Doctor ordered.  Everyone was happy, everyone was smiling and all seemed happy with the world.  We had a week end full of outdoor exercise, both days allowing us to all soak up some much needed vitamin D and I think we all feel better for it.  Of course, I managed a little bit of hooky time too, as well as being out and about taking a few snaps of the beautiful area within which we live.  Hope you enjoy...

Loved the shape of this tree

We have lovely country roads around where I live

Famous watercress beds, just stunning on a beautiful Spring day

Daffodils seems to be even more abundant and beautiful this year

Where there is water cress, there are ducks!

The ford leading to this house was completely in flow

The early morning skies have been beautiful

Now that Spring is truly here, the nests are popping up in all the trees.

Some people spend a lot of time and attention to detail.  The driveway is immaculate and look at the design of the gate.

How amazing is nature, looks at the beautiful colours in the morning sky...

Finally I leave you with our cat, Pip, who decided over the week end to stop me crocheting by sitting on top of it!  Wonder if my husband had a word in her ear!!!

 Enjoy your week and long may the weather be sunny!


  1. A lovely set of pictures ..looking at them is a very nice way to start the week ! thank you :0)

    1. Thank you. We were very blessed this week end with fantastic weather. My daughter whilst rowing on the river even managed to grab a tan, in the middle of March, in the UK!!! Hope all is well with you and you have a great week ahead x

  2. Love these pictures so much! These two with design of the gate reminded me Alexandre Benois's Versailles spirit :) maybe its really great to walk in such little streets. Cat is a girl? And pink nose is the best!

    1. Thank you. I can see what you mean about the Versailles likeness/feel, had not thought of that before! Yes, Pip is female and a very friendly cuddly cat, she wants to be where ever we are and usually gets on top of us and in the way! She is quite partial to sitting in bags too!!!


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