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      Baking ~ A family favourite cake

      21st March

      We all enjoy cake in our house, some more than others, I must admit.  My son when little when asked if he had a sweet tooth, would always politely reply, "No, I don't have a sweet tooth, my teeth are all sweet," and pointing to one particular tooth would say, "they are all sweet, except this one!"  That is how much of a sweet tooth he has! 

      So, it was my son who a couple of years ago now, found somewhere on the Internet a recipe that he thought he could manage on his own, he was then 10, as he felt I did not bake him enough cakes!  So following the recipe and using what we had in the kitchen, we had it all, these are fairly stock ingredients, he set about making his first cake on his own.  A banana cake.  Now, I am not too fond of such cakes, but have to admit this fast, all in one mixture, produces a moist and very moreish cake.  It is often requested by those children who visit our house.  Give it a go this week end, you won't regret it!  As said, it is not our recipe, not sure where it came from, but in our house we call it:  Jack's banana cake.

      Jack's banana cake

      You will need:
      170g caster sugar
      170g self raising flour
      170g butter
      2 bananas, as ripe/over ripe as possible
      3 eggs

      Pre heat oven to 160 degrees Celsius

      optional extra: chocolate chips or vanilla essence

      loaf tin, baking paper and oil spray

      We have made this with different sugars too, depending on what is in our cupboard, it is a very forgiving recipe.

      We do not even sift the flour into the mixture.

      We tend to melt the butter before putting it in the bowl, but this is not necessary, the reason we do it, is so that the mixture is mixed quicker this way.

      There is no such thing as a banana too ripe for this recipe.


      Place ALL the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. If using vanilla essence, add this now. Cake is done! (Note: half melted butter.)  If using chocolate chips add them in after mixing and stir in thoroughly.

      We grease and line a loaf tin and dollop the mixture in.

      Place in the pre heated oven of 160 degrees Celsius.
      After about 30 odd minutes we start to test the cake, best with a cake tester, but anything long and thin should do.  Pierce the middle of the cake and if the metal spike comes out clean the cake is ready.  If some mixture sticks to the metal, it needs a little more baking.  Keep checking every 5 minutes thereafter, do not over bake as the cake will loose its moistness. 

      Depending on time and who the cake is for, we often ice it with ordinary icing sugar and grate some chocolate over the top.  As this cake is travelling to Wales tonight, we thought it best not to have icing on!

      Ice cake if desired once cool, slice and eat and ENJOY! My children love this cake when it is still warm, if they begin then, it is gone in minutes!
      ♥Have a great week end everyone,
      let us know if you make Jack's cake!♥


      1. Home made cake is very definitely good for you, and all we eat around here (some veggies of course.) I cannot eat bananas once there is no green on the skins, so banana cake is a fabulous way of not wasting them, as I love moist bana cake. I tried the River Cottage recipe the other day, it had some mixed fruit and cardoman in it too. a slight twist that was also good. Tell Jack I'd eat all his cake up in one day, if that was allowed :o Fiona

        1. We are the same, we cannot eat bananas if they begin to be at all ripe, green is good for us! Love the idea of cardoman, being from Scandinavian stock, we use it in lots of cakes, but did not think to use it here in Jack's!! Will tell him to try that for me ;) Thanks for the tip. Will relay your message to him when he returns from Wales x

      2. Ah, banana bread, always good!! It is lovely with some chocolate chips through it too!! xx

        1. We love choc chips in it too!! We have other favourite cakes that I'll post in the future, but as Jack was making his to take to Wales, thought it a good opportunity to put it on now! This is a great moist version though. ♥


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