Rain and tulips

May 1st

April flew past and I do not know where it went!  We had a great time, managed to see and do lots and I lost my crochet and blog mojo for a while.  It is slowly coming back, but I figure I cannot fit everything in all of the time!  The house needs a deep clean, it certainly needs de cluttering, the garden weeds grow daily and my work commitments are growing and the lovely friends I have, are being seen less and less.  The blog suffered and crochet and making time also took a big hit. Although, as a family we did manage a sneaky trip to France in April, which was wonderful.  Slowly all the juggling balls of my life will be sorted and as I know from past experiences they rotate and sometimes other things have to take priority for a while.

I have always loved tulips, both for their initial elegance and then for their after dinner removal of dinner jackets, after the queens speech feel, when they happily relax and go with the flow so to speak.  At this time of year I make a special point of walking round the garden daily to see the difference in the tulips.  Rain has played a large part for the last two days and has given me a new view of the tulips, eagerly, I have been outside photographing and recording.  I hope you enjoy...

I love this one the best.

Pesky nibblers, come out after the rain and are eating my plants to nothing, especially my newly planted sunflowers that we have been growing from seed :(

We spotted this on the back of a gardening van!  Made us giggle!

All tulip bulbs have over the years been given to me by my very good friend.  Pop over to her website and see ... http://www.glossopgardencentre.com
♥Here's to a fantastic month of May for all of us♥


  1. That is definitely my favourite tulip too! I love it, such a stunning colour!

    1. I agree, the darkness of the tulip really brings out the shine in the rain drops, such a great combination.x

  2. Your raindrop photos are beautiful! So wonderfully captured. xx

    1. Thank you Amy, easy when nature is so beautiful and you can manage to have a steady hand! Doesn't always happen though!


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