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      Crocheted scrap busting and recycling!

      10th June 
      My new "free" vase

      Crocheting has not been high on my list in the last few weeks, as often happens, other things have got rudely in the way and crochet is the first to be put on hold, let's not even talk about the mood blanket.  But quick makes are always at the forefront of my mind and I am often thinking how better to recycle and not make so much waste.  Our bins seem to over flow some weeks, it is embarrassing.  Plus it would be good not to spend any more money on wool, despite the urge to, so this latest idea solved many of my dilemmas in my mind. 1) it cost me nothing, but using up spare wool 2) I was able to recycle and not throw away 3) I was able to complete a very quick project and have something colourful to show for it.  So what did I make... a yogurt pot vase!

      We munch our way through a lot of natural yogurt in our house, I like it mixed with crunchy muesli and fresh berries and the children enjoy it whizzed up with fruit to have a morning smoothie, with a sprinkling of flax seeds and a teaspoon of honey.  So I reckon we get through 1 or 2 large tubs a week.  That is an awful lot of plastic to throw away.  Friends of mine, watch out, this could be your next birthday present, I may just become a one woman band of creating a production line of these vases!

       So I needed said yogurt pot to measure the length needed, this time I was more accurate than last week when making my glasses case cum pencil case, see post here I chained 40 and realised when placing it around the pot, that I was way out and chained a further 30,
      I used Stylecraft wool as often used by Lucy of Attic 24 and a 4mm hook. 
      But this is stash busting, so you can use whatever you have.

      I chose a quick stitch and used a granny stitch, whereby I chained an extra 3 at the end of my chain which counted as the first double crochet and into the fourth chain from the hook dc  and again dc into the same chain, thus meaning i had the chain 3 and 2 dc into the same chain stitch.  Next,  I chained one.  I continued along the chain making 3 dc into every fourth stitch and chaining one before moving onto the next 3 dc cluster.  On the next row I changed colour and made my 3 dc clusters in each of the chain spaces from the row before.  I continued in this manner, changing colour on every row until the crochet was the desired height of the yogurt pot. 
      This works up super quick,  needs very little thinking about
      and is a perfect project to complete in front of the TV!

      I stitched the sides together as best as I could weaving in and out, it is easy to make this look  with a darning needle, great big eye for threading wool and it looked OK.  But on putting it on the yogurt pot I did not like the fact you could see the writing and pot design through the gaps of the crochet.  What do you think?
      So out came my favourite paint, Autentico and a quick direct slap onto the pot, it was dry within 30 mins in this glorious weather and I was
      able to have what I think is a great new vase! 
      (I bought this paint from http://www.sarahughes.co.uk/ )

      Now the identity of the pot is covered up by paint and crochet!

      I enjoyed the flowers outside for the afternoon but in reality, this vase will sit in my utility room in my wool and painted furniture haven.  A colourful corner in our home.

      I just love quick colourful makes, don't you!


      1. So clever and colourful Selma!

        1. Thank you Zelna and in reply to your posting on other sites, I like both challenging projects and quick ones. I lean more to quick projects these days as my life seems to be so incredibly full and busy and I need switch off time more than a challenge. I can't wait to try some of your beautiful creations x

      2. Great scrap busting!! Ideal for your craft area as well! xx

        1. Thanks Amy. Need to use up some stash. Loved your strawberry garland. May have to make one over the summer months x

      3. Selma, it's beautiful, and a very colourful idea. You're so clever!

        1. Not clever, but it was fun. I would love to be more adventourous in designing my own makes more, but time constraints, we all know about that...


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