Cupcake bunting

30th June

Cupcake summer crochet bunting
A quick post today as life has taken a very unexpected turn.  I decided I needed to be kept occupied last week and wanted something that was not too brain demanding but that let me escape for a bit, was easy to pick up and put down at a minutes notice and had a quick end result.  

I stumbled upon the pattern for a cupcake crochet bunting and as I wanted cheering up too, seemed like the perfect 'make'.

The number of cupcakes needed depends on the length of bunting you want.  As this was to be a present, I decided that 1.5 -2m would be enough and made 8 cupcakes. 
Frosted icing first... I chose girlie pink.

Once all icing was made, (easier to make one after the other as then you remember and learn the pattern.) It was time to make the sponge and cupcake itself.  I was a little distracted at this point and so my edges are not anything I am proud of, if I were to make this again, and I think I will,
I will concentrate more on this aspect.
Adding the cherries onto the icing was extremely quick and satisfying.

The bunting line itself was a little different to the pattern, I chose to chain and then hdc into each chain.  I made about 350 chains for 8 cupcakes.  I also changed the ending, having made a few bunting now, (see here) I quite like tying the ends rather than having a loop, so I made a second line of 20 chains and hdc into those to have as 'ties', see below.

I hung them up outside whilst pinned and not blocked, to see if the spacing was right and if they hung OK.  I was pleased and so blocking and sewing on began.  I used needle and cotton and thread, nothing clever about sewing them on.

Finally finished, think they look cheery and summery, don't you?

 All wrapped and ready to be given as a present.  Hope they like them!
Link to the pattern is here: cupcake bunting pattern
This was the sky this morning and I see mackerel skies, that usually means rain is coming, despite the lovely blue skies, might have to bring my bunting in from the garden too!
♥Have a lovely week all, whatever the weather brings!♥


  1. They look beautiful Selma. I hope that whatever was on your mind has now passed and that all is well again, and if not, that it will be all good again very soon. Take care, sending you a hug! xx

  2. They are amazing and look so great with flowers and this beautiful door! Hope everything is fine there and absolutely agree with comment above - it will be good very soon. Warmest greeting from Kyiv

    1. Thank you. The flowers and the crochet icing matched well. This is the old original door on our old house. It is now our side door but. We still love it though. Again thx k you for your kind words. Time will heal us I'm sure ❤

  3. Oh, this is beautiful! And very original. Your home must be a lovely haven of colour and creativity.
    But on a more serious note, I'm so sorry to read that you're having a difficult time. I hope that you're surrounded by a love and support. And if anything practical can be done to help, do let me know as I'm just down the road.


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