Attic 24 Cosy CAL Part 3 Scandinavian style

23rd November

It's beginning to look a lot like a blanket

This blanket is almost making itself. In three weeks of hooking it up with I feel very little effort I am now half way to completion. Any one making this great blanket? Do you feel the same?

Those of you who maybe interested the previous posts relating to what colours I use, where they can be purchased from and colour order to date can be found on the following links: 
and here

This weeks 15 colour order is as follows:  
This week I  began and ended with white rows

White rows 61 & 62
Cream rows 63 & 64
Silver rows 65 & 66
White rows 67 & 68
Cream rows 69 & 70
Stone rows 71 & 72
White rows 73 & 74
Silver rows 75  & 76
White rows 77 & 78
Parchment rows 79 & 80
Cream rows 81 & 82
Stone rows 83 & 84
Parchment rows 85 & 86
Silver rows 87 & 88
White rows 89 & 90

I think the blanket is coming alive and growing well.
A few pics of it in situ around the house ...

A sea of neutral

Wherever I laid the blanket the cat found it!

I love the contrast of the calming blanket
colours with the hot pink bench
I am also beavering away with Christmas decorations and gifts to make and thought you maybe interested in making incredibly quick felted slippers, just in case follow this link and enjoy! felted-slippers
Enjoy your week and I will post
the next colours next Sunday, the last Sunday of November!


  1. It is looking good Selma, growing so quickly.
    Loving your four legged assistant.

    1. Thank you Helen. I really am enjoying it. Just wish there were more hours in the day 😉

  2. Selma it's stunning, you were my inspriation for joining the crochet along and I'm so glad I did, loving you're crafting assistant too so cute.

    Clare xx

    1. Thank you Clare. I popped over to see how you are getting on and love the additional colours you have added in. It's such good fun, don't you think x

  3. It is looking lovely! I am loving mine!

    1. Thank you Hazel. Glad you are loving it too. Everyone is so pleased for each other and I'm loving seeing all the different ones too. X

  4. It is looking so cosy and cuddly Selma! I can totally see why your cat would want to claim it!! xx

    1. Thanks Amy it is. Only confession I have is that I have not been sorting out all the ends. Think that could be this weekends job!!


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