Attic 24 Cosy CAL Part 4 Scandinavian style

30th November

I am sooooo excited the blanket is
growing but even more so Advent begins.  I am such a lover of Christmas. I make no apologies for it. I am excited. But onto this post and the growing blanket. It looks and feels like a blanket and my spare room is crying out for it to be finished. My MIL arrives on Wednesday and I had hoped to have had this completed but that is not now looking likely. Never mind I will have it folded on a chair in the room looking lovely instead. Are you still in love with your blanket? How are you getting on?

This week I have yet again been in awe of mother nature, we have had a mixed bag of frost and blue skies, each bringing with it a new view, thought I would share it with you before I reveal the next set of 15 colours for the blanket...

Look at the cloud formation in London this week

The same London cloud formation as the sun was setting

Early morning frost along our road
at the beginning of the last week in November

Just breath taking, a frosty morning

Of course now that we have had two fairly deep frosts in our neck of the woods the colour has disappeared in our garden, but we have just a tad of orange left...

BUT, you are wanting this weeks colours, so here they are: 

Colour order on photo is from right to left!

Cream rows 91 & 92
Stone rows 93 & 94
Silver rows 95 & 96
Cream rows 97 & 98
Parchment rows 99 & 100
White rows 101 & 102
Cream rows 103 & 104
Stone rows 105 & 106
Parchment rows 107 & 108
White rows 109 & 110
Silver rows 111 & 112
Stone rows 113 & 114
Parchment rows 115 & 116
Cream rows 117 & 118
Silver rows 119 & 120

Those of you who have been following the blankets progress know that it is for the spare room and I was after a Scandinavian feel to it, I think it still does that, but I really think it comes into it's own when out with nature, what do you think?  It matches well with the outside...

The blanket is now so cosy on my lap when crocheting and I must confess too large to cart around with me whilst out and about, but I still manage to drag it from room to room.  Where do you craft and crochet?

In bed, although I cannot do this if the other
 half is around
as he has decreed it as very 'unsexy'!!!!

Yes, that is a real cat
and no that is not a real deer?!!?

Whilst cooking dinner

Whilst the children complete their homework

  Check back later today for my first of Advent post

Last year I posted every day in December and this year will be the same.  It all began here last year... 

Advent begins 2013

First Sunday in Advent 2013

This year's advent post can be found here


  1. Hi Selma, wow your blanket really has grown and is looking wonderful.
    Glad the cat was real and the reindeer not ha ha.
    Beautiful frosty scenes, none here yet.

    1. Thank you Heken. The cat sat still there in the chair for so long even I began to wonder...

  2. what a lovely blanket, really like the color combo!! Am enjoying reading through your blog - is there a way to turn off those annoying hearts that drop down the page or is that set within the page?

    1. Thanks for commenting. Really glad you are enjoying the blog and must confess to fotgetting about the hearts. Now you have mentioned will get to sorting them out, hopefully this week. Bear with me...

  3. I love your blanket, such gorgeous colours which compliment each other so well. Your sky and frost photos are beautiful.

  4. It really is a beauty, the colours are so serene, it amazes me how quickly everyone blankets are growing I'm still some what behind but I'll get there in the end, stunning frosty photo's too
    Clare xx

    1. I totally agree they are all growing beautifully. Spotted yours on Lucy's blog today too! Are you on IG, there are so many on there too to drool over

  5. So loving this color combo. I received my yarn last week and I am in love with it. I am on row 40. I have a little way to go. I am changing colors every 4 rows instead of every 2 so I have a wider stripe. I have also swapped out white and used grey. Loving and look forward to crocheting every night in my favorite chair.
    Enjoying your blog and beautiful photos.

    1. Your blanket sounds divine. Like the 4 row idea. I am finding this blanket so relaxing to crochet. As you say, look forward to it at the end of a busy day. Glad you are enjoying the blog, very heart warming to hear x

  6. I of course love your blanket, but can I say, gosh your frost pictures are so beautiful, and the picture of the physalis and the skeleton of the capsule around it is just stunning!!! xx

    1. Thank you Amy. I do love playing with photography but also become quite frustrated when I cannot capture as I see it. But these were ok.


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