Cosy cal with Lucy from Attic 24

November 16th

Loving the look of the stripes

I am loving this CAL with Lucy from Attic 24.  It is the easiest blanket and project ever, I am able to be with the family and fully interact in conversations and yet crochet too, just one stitch.  Genius.  Thank you Lucy !  Also thank you for featuring my blanket on your gallery too.

So how is it coming along this week, as said, I couldn't help but pick it up at odd times and whilst it is still relatively small has made a few outings with me, but that may have to stop soon as it grows...


Crocheting whilst out having coffee this week

I even crocheted at the hairdressers!

It now covers my legs, yeah, it is growing

I am really enjoying the CAL and I must confess to being delighted and surprised by the gracious comments people are making about my colour choices.  I had hoped to post the next 15 colours, but am only posting 14, apologies...

So the next colour stripes are:

16  Parchment rows 31 & 32
17  Cream rows 33 & 34
18  Silver rows 35 & 36
19  Stone rows 37 & 38
20  White rows 39 & 40
21  Stone rows 41 & 42
22  Cream rows 43 & 44
23  Parchment rows 45 & 46
24  Silver rows 47 & 48
25  White rows 49 & 50
26  Stone rows 51 & 52
27  Parchment rows 53 & 54
28  White rows 55 & 56
29  Cream rows 57 & 58
and colour stripe 30 will be Silver will be rows 59 & 60
To see the previous colour stripes list follow link  here
So what does the blanket look like so far, here are a few snaps taken
outside my house this fine Sunday morning.

♥ Do let me know what you think
and share your photos of your blankets too ♥


  1. Ahhhh you've already posted them lol. I just linked back from Lucy's blog. Wonderful colour scheme. x

    1. As you can see very different cours to Lucy's. If you go back one post on my blog I list the colour numbers too there is a link in this post to my previous posting. Hope that helps x

  2. Love your colour choices - they are very relaxing to look at. Your photos are lovely too:0) x

    1. Thank you Jackie. That is so kind of you to say so photographing is not easy so that is a particularly lovely comment for me x

  3. Selma that is looking absolutely beautiful !
    I will have to get a move on.
    Thanks for the next set of stripes.
    Soo lovely xxxx Janet

    1. Thanks Janet. The beauty with this is that it is easy to pick up and put down so there is no need to rush with it. Take your time and enjoy it. When you are ready a photo would be great. Might be easy to post it on my fb page if you ever go on it. I am eclectichomelife on there. Or my email is eclectichomeandlife(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Hi Selma,
    Aw all the comments are brilliant because your blanket is gorgeous-you must have put so much thought into the colours, they really are spectacular with this design.
    A nice project to do on the move too-love the hairdressers shot, it makes for more of an interesting conversation too, it might inspire someone to learn our craft.
    Well done lovely.

    1. When I was out having coffee an elderly gentleman said what beautiful knitting. I obviously put him straight 😉

  5. Absolutely love the neutral colours you've chosen! Looking forward to see more of it! xx

    1. Thank you. I love your crochet so that is so kind of you to say so x

  6. I love this subtle combination of soft colours. Your blanket is looking beautiful already. And you work so fast!

    1. Phil, it is the easiest blanket ever. Works up quickly on its own!

  7. You know already that I love this, but how great that Lucy featured it! I saw your reply about telling people that you are not knitting, I get that all the time when I am out and about crocheting and have to explain that it isn't knitting! We public crocheters must be a rare sight. xx

    1. Thank you Amy you are always kind to me. Yes, I believe we may be a rare sight indeed. 😉


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