Movember November

November 3rd 

Last years Movember fun, given to us by a good friend
Here in the UK over the past few years, November has seen an inordinate number of men sprouting facial hair.  Almost as if some new fashion fad was taking over whereby cleanly shaven men stop shaving and sprout tufts of furry facial hair, but no, it's all in aid of men's health with a focus on Prostrate Cancer.  November in the UK is unofficially known as Movember  (Moustache + November = Movember)  The charity began in 2004 and originated in Australia.  But all money raised here in the UK stays in the UK and is sent to The Prostrate Caner Charity, with the hope that funding will raise 'hope for tomorrow'.  For further information about the UK charity follow the link here .

So to follow along, despite the fact I am not male obviously. I thought as we were touched by Prostrate Cancer to detrimental effect this year that I should jump on the band wagon so to speak.  I did think about doing what a friend of my son's did last year (he was 11) and drew a moustache on a little bit more each day with pen until the end of November I would have had a full grown beard, but decided that work colleagues and others that I come into contact with may think I have finally lost all my marbles.   I will save that for another year when I am closer to truly loosing them all.  This left the question,  what could I do?  What do I love to do?  Crochet!  Luckily for me a clever lady named Tara in Alaska, don't you just love how easy it is to be in touch with people from all over the world!  Had already thought of this and had written up a jolly clear pattern for just such a thing, a CROCHET MOUSTACHE!  I set to immediately!  Each one took under an hour, including the stuffing and shaping, pretty quick I think.  But, what do you think?

Excuse the Victorian stern looking face,
the moustache made me do it!

Not happy with just black, thinking about breast cancer,
 made me make one in bright pink too!

I still look stern!
Have a play, join in with Movember or just have some fun.  Easy dressing up kit for the children to have in their dressing up box!   To find the pattern for your very own moustache follow the link here .
♥ Have a great week ♥


  1. Hi Selma, what a fabulous idea. Hubby did the Movember last year-the initial results were odd but in the end I rather liked it ha ha. My son looks like a homeless person with facial hair-students!!.
    I will most certainly have ago at the pattern and see if any willing suspects at work will join in, we raise money in work for both those charities anyway.
    I bid you good morrow stern Victorian lady-funny.

    1. I know it is cruel to laugh at the men but at the beginning if November they look so funny. But good on them for supporting such a worth while cause. I suppose they may laugh at us wearing pink bras when we moon walk! Would love to see your crochet moustaches and if you manage to get colleagues making them too. Keep me in the loop. From your stern looking internet blogging friend ;)

  2. Oh Selma, that is so funny! I really like the pink one. My hubby doesn't do this as if he did by the end of the month it would look as though he had turned into a woolly mammoth he would be so hairy! Great idea - for a young man! - to draw one on gradually, how fun is that. xx

    1. Last year the young lad that drew on his face asked for special permission from the head teacher. By the end if the month you can imagine the whole school knew who this young chap was. He became infamous and raised so much money for the charity. A woolly mammoth to cuddle up to on cold nights could be fun?!?!?

  3. *giggles hysterically* This is pure genius. And the stern Victorian face is perfect. I think you need a top hat, too. It had never occurred to me to participate in Movember before but I might have to reconsider, especially as a youngish man I know has just been diagnosed.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    1. There are few of us left I feel who have not been touched by Cancer in one way or another. Anything to help and anything to make us giggle and enjoy life that little bit more, even if it is bitter sweet. My children thought I was mad today when I opened the door holding up my moustache!! Hopefully meet next week after your Blogfest weekend, she says green with envy!


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