Attic 24 inspired Scandinavian cosy CAL

14th December

Hurrah! All 90 colour stripes are complete. I am elated. Now for the border. Lucy over at Attic 24 has given us sneak peaks this week on various social media sites to her completed blanket, border and all and I must say it looks divine. Looking forward to cracking on with that.

I am really pleased with how my version has turned out and it suits the room I intended it for perfectly. I am chuffed.

So without further ado. Here are the photos and the last 15 colour stripes:

Spare bedroom beginning it's makeover The blanket fits in well

The Scandinavian influenced cosy CAL in situ

The last 15 colours are:

Rows 149 & 150  White
Rows 151 & 152  Cream
Rows 153 & 154  Silver
Rows 155 & 156  Parchment
Rows 157 & 158  Stone
Rows 159 & 160  Cream
Rows 161 & 162  Stone
Rows 163 & 164  Silver
Rows 165 & 166  White
Rows 167 & 168  Parchment
Rows 169 & 170  Cream
Rows 171 & 172  Silver
Rows 173 & 174  Stone
Rows 175 & 176  Cream
Rows 177 & 178  White
Rows 179 & 180  Stone

Do not forget that today is also the third Sunday in Advent. Christmas is ever drawing nearer, I am excited but a little on edge as I still have presents to buy, cookies to make and to complete my two December challenges. That if posting on the blog every day leading up to Christmas and taking a home crafted photo a day!  Wish me luck, I'm half way there...

Week 2 in December looked a lot like this!

Third Sunday in Advent

♥  Happy Sunday everyone


  1. It looks beautiful!! I am amazed that you have done so much so quickly, you must be an amazing crocheter!! I love the colours and it looks great in your room. I look forward to seeing the finished blanket with the border!! xx

    1. Thank you Amy. I look forward to the border too but now withChristmas so close I am not sure when it will be done. Not by next Sunday that's for sure!! But by the end of a December, that's what I've promised myself 😉

  2. Selma it's stunning and looks perfect in the room, it amazes me how quickly these blankets have come together, thank you so much for inspriring me to make my Cosy Blanket, in seaside tones. Clare xx

    1. Clare you are welcome. Feel so pleased I have inspired someone. Your blanket colour choices are gorgeous.

  3. Hi Selma, thank you for visiting me. I love your blanket, the colors are gorgeous. Hugs to you,

  4. Oh my gosh! The room is so inviting. I bet your guests won't want to get out of bed under that wonderful blankie!! Love those heart curtains with the star in the window!! Too cute!! Happy Holidays😊

    1. Thank you Susie. It is coming together but there is a way to go with the room yet. When finished, after Christmas now, will blog about it. There is a gorgeous dressing table I want to up cycle too have a wonderful holiday season too. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting x

  5. Amazing how quickly you managed to crochet a blanket of this size. Wonderful work.

    1. I agree!! But actually the pattern is just so easy and does not really require attention that it almost grew itself. It's a shame we are almost on top of Christmas as I won't have time this week for the border 😞 but hope to squeeze that in between then and the New Year. Fingers crossed. X

  6. That looks absolutely fantastic in that room. It's nice to see it 'in situ' after watching it grow these past few weeks. Well done, you should be really proud!

    1. Thank you Rachel that is very generous of you to say so. I am happy with it just wish I now had time to crack on with the border, just a small thing called Christmas in the way!!! ❤️

  7. Love the colours you picked for the blanket.

  8. I loved your neutral blanket the first time I saw it and started following your blog to watch it grow. A couple of months ago, I entered the Deramores Blog Competition and the blanket I came up with was partly inspired by your neutral Cosy blanket. Yesterday, I had an email informing me that I've been chosen as one of the runners up, which was way better than I expected to do! I'd just like to say thank you for inspiring me :D You can see my blanket on my blog at

    1. Shelagh, THANK YOU. Thank you for letting me know, thank you for following me, thank you for crediting me in your blog. Am so delighted for you. I had wanted to enter but just did not have the time. Now I feel that a teeny weeny but of Eclectic was involved and that's so exciting. Brilliant news. Well done you.


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