Christmas baking 4: Pepperkake

10th December
Pepperkake great with coffee

Christmas would not be 'Jul' (Norwegian for Christmas) in a Scandinavian household without pepperkake, these go hand in hand and you cannot have one with out the other.  So even though we had this last year here on the blog, it has to be included again this year.  Same recipe, different photographs, different year.  No apologies.

To see photographed stages of this pepperkake recipe  follow link below...

Last years post on pepperkake including photographed stages of the making
and baking can be found following the link here
These are my sons absolute favourite Christmas cookies, he's a traditional boy at heart and as soon as we approach the end of November he is asking when we are going to make them.  This is actually already my second batch for this Christmas season!  I am sure I will be making a couple of  more too.

The cookies keep well in an air tight container and made now would last till Christmas if you can stop nibbling them.  However you could only bake half of the mixture and store the remainder in the fridge, just baking some as and when guests arrive, that way you will have a delicious Christmassy mixed spice aroma wafting through the house too!

Love baking at this time of year in
the red infused kitchen

I prefer plain hearts, but decided
to try cut out ones this year too

Using cookie stamps, I could even
add my own Norwegian message in the pepperkake

I branched out and even iced some pepperkake this year,
those that have seen last years post will know
I do not normally do this!

And finally I even cut out the bottom of the small cookie hearts
before baking to allow them to be used on the side of the espresso
coffee cups, I think they look good, I will do this again!

  Hope you are enjoying the daily postings in December, do let me know, it's always great to receive some feedback.  What are your favourite things to make/do/see at this time of year? 


  1. I'm really enjoying your Christmas posts....and even if I don't manage to do the same I'm enjoying your cooking ..a visual feast :o)

    1. Aww, thank you. I am delighted to hear this. As much as I love blogging and I do. It is hard to know if it reaches out to anyone. Thanks for letting me know ❤️

  2. Your posts are getting me in the Christmas spirit, especially as I'm not able to do any Christmas crafting or baking this year due to having a small baby. Keep it up!

    1. Am so glad that I can help getting you into the spirit. I love this time of year. I remember only too well have little ones and even having a complete sentence with another adult would be an achievement. This time with your little one is precious but your baking/crafting time will come, just maybe another year. Have a great Christmas run up now x

  3. I love your daily posts! Keep them coming I say!! I love the biscuits on the coffee cups, what a lovely idea. Your home must smell amazing at this time of year with all the wonderful baking that you are doing. Have a great day. xx

    1. My daughter loves the smell and loves coming into the house but is very good and hardly nibbles anything. My son however loves the smell as it means he can nibble away even more!?!? Had workmen here yesterday who before I could even offer said they could smell something really lovely and what was it... Yes I love this time if year x

  4. Do you think molasses will work instead of golden syrup?

    1. I think you could use molasses. The texture should be the same still with the cookies by the taste will be different. Molasses is a richer slightly bitter taste in comparison to the sweet butterscotch taste is golden syrup but I think it should be fine. Please do let me know. I would be very interested to hear. Enjoy x


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