Christmas in London

21st December

We are still in London, so writing this post again on the hoof and filling up on Christmas spirit. The Albert Hall was a huge success last night, see yesterday's blog post here  And today we Christmas shop with the added bonus this year of also following the Paddington bear trail. Fifty bear statues to be found, so far we have spotted a couple and hope to add many more throughout the day. 

Liam Gallagher designed this Paddington
wearing a green parker

John Hurt designed the marmalade
influenced coat for this Paddington

As always there are lots of twinkly lights and those in Carnaby Street are modern and fun...

Headphone and moustaches made us giggle

Oxford street lights were at first a disappointment but I confess to now actually liking their simplicity and end en mass do look spectacular. 

Bright lights, big city springs to mind

I love that the shops will not be outdone and both the department stores Debenhans and John Lewis filled their walls with white lights, warm white and ice white. Both equally stunning. 

I have learnt over the years to always look up in cities

Side street too in London light up and you really need to look all sound to make sure nothing is missed. 

Peacock tails and feathers

Covent Garden has the largest baubles I have ever seen, they are in fact the same decorations they had last year which pleases me and they have a beautiful gigantic silver deer statue. 

Covent Garden never ceases to impress

We will continue today soaking up the spirit, ticking off the Paddington's we see and hopefully competing our Christmas shopping. Never forgetting that today is the last Sunday in advent and tonight on our return home we will light that fourth candle. 


For those of you wondering , I have not picked up my crochet hook or blanket since the last post on it a week ago. I knew this week would be otherwise occupied. I am still hopeful to begin the border and complete it by the new year?!? Watch this space!  Hope the last few days of Christmas preparation go according to plan for you all. Are you calm or stressed out about it all?

❤️  I can almost smell Christmas from here...  ❤️


  1. Looks absolutely wonderful! Would love to be there.

    All calm here, the tree went up today. The only one who isn't calm are the kiddies who are just far too excited already! :-)

    1. If you ever get the chance you should. Such wonderful atmosphere and so much to soak up and do. Like the sound of all being calm your end. I'm trying to emulate that too.

  2. What a wonderful trip! I saw some of the Christmas Sing along last night on TV- absolutely brilliant. Paddington is my favourite bear because he's a lot like me. Comes from darkest Peru and loves marmalade sandwiches. I don't keep my marmalade sandwiches under my hat though!

    1. Hahaha brilliant Gillian. You made me laugh out loud. Glad you do not keep your sandwiches under your hat. Peru is high on my husband and my wish list. X

  3. What a fun time to be in London. It looks so fantastic there.

    1. It really was. The Oaddington trail this year was such a good bonus too. All will be removed soon after 4pm on December 30th. So glad we managed to see some of them


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