Christmas tree crochet

12 December

For years we have had wonderful cork knitted nisse sitting on our window sills at Christmas, but I always felt something was missing.  I didn't really know what and I wasn't even sure if something was missing.  It wasn't until this year when setting the cork nisse out, I realised they needed to be in their own environment.  I tell you December nights do strange things to me, what on earth do I mean by corks needing their own environment?  Well let me show you...

Fun champagne cork nisse...

Knitted nisse with champagne cork bodies

Nisse now in their own environment...

Knitted nisse & crocheted trees

                                                                                               ... do you not agree this is more fun?

I wanted to keep the cork theme and had a practice using the champagne corks as a base, but I came across two problems 1) I had realised that I had not been drinking enough champagne this year, something I am now determined to change in 2015 and so therefore did not have many corks 2) the bulbous part to the champagne cork made for a bumpy tree.  Back to hitting the wine bottle and there has been no problem doing that this year, so I had an abundance of such corks to use as the base.

Very quickly the conical top is formed of the tree
Crochet cork Christmas tree

Row 1:  Magic circle then ch 1and 4 sc into the ring. 
Row 2:  2 sc into next stitch, 1 sc in next stitch, repeat - 6 stitches
Row3:   sc all the way round - 6 stitches
Row 4:  2 sc into next stitch 1 sc in next 2 stitches, repeat - 8 stitches
Row 5:  sc all the way round - 8 stitches
Row 6:  2 sc into next stitch 1 sc in next 3 stitches, repeat - 10 stitches
Row 7:  sc all the way round - 10 stitches
Row 8:  2 sc into next stitch 1 sc in next 4 stitches, repeat - 12 stitches
Row 9:  sc all the way round- 12 stitches

  Continue this way so that all even rows you begin with 2 sc in the first stitch and then you sc 1 more stitch than the previous even round.
  All odd rows should be sc all the way round and should be the same number of stitches as the previous row.

Keep checking the size of your tree compared to your wine cork and crochet as many rows as necessary.  This will vary depending on the yarn you use and the size of hook.  I used a 4mm and dk yarn.  I crocheted 23 rows with a total of 26 stitches.

Decoration & adornment:
Go to town and bling up the tree for Christmas or alternatively leave it plain and simple and natural looking. 

When I  used chunky yarn and a much larger hook the tree was obviously too large for a  cork to stabilise it, so I used an up turned shot glass, it works well.  What is great about not stuffing the trees is that they will fold flat for minimal storage space when not in use,  an issue in my home!

You do not need to cover the cork, in fact I stopped just short of covering the cork as I wanted some of it exposed to look like a tree trunk.  The larger tree covers the glass for obvious reasons.

Cork left to be visual to resemble a tree trunk

Plain and simple is sometimes best

I was able to make the smaller tree in about 15 minutes without any adornment or decoration.  They really are quick  and quirky to make.  They could soon be multiplying in our house...
watch this space...


  1. I love the cork Nisse and the trees too! Of course they need their own environment, and very Norwegian it looks too!! You definitely need to remedy that champagne deficit next year though! I think that we have had that problem too this year, 2015 will have to be the year of the champagne drinkers!!! xx

    1. Here's to a champagne filled 2015. I'll drink to that, hic

  2. These are fabulous and what a great excuse to indulge in some wine and champagne. Although who needs an excuse! Hope you have a lovely weekend :0) xx

    1. Thank you Jackie. My mum has lots of the champagne nisse but after reading this post is saving her wine corks now to make the trees. So cute. I agree. Never need an excuse to drink, but now we have to drink?!??!!

  3. You are brilliant making trees and such for your little cork Nisse, they are going to be very happy now.

    1. I hope so Meredith. I am hoping by trying to make the Nisse feel at home they won't get up to mischief in my house as they are infamous for 😉


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