Cosy Cal based on Attic 24 Part 5 Scandinavian style

Cosy cal on a frosty morning
7th December  

The Lucy blanket is growing and looking good.  It's keeping my lap warm as I crochet and I am still finding it therapeutic.  Have you seen Lucy's?  She has completed all 90 stripes and it is looking gorgeous, her colours really are stunning, I am very tempted to make another in her colour choice too...

This week the colours are:

121 & 122  Parchment
123 &124   Stone
125 &126   White
127 & 128  Silver
129 & 130  Stone
Week 5 colours of the Cosy Cal Scandinavian style
131 & 132  White
133 & 134  Parchment   
135 &136   Silver
137 & 138  Cream
139 &140   Stone
141 &142   Cream
143 & 144  Silver
145 & 146  Stone
147 & 148  Parchment

The blanket is really a great size already and now covers the coffee table and then some...

Second Sunday in Advent,
so two candles are lit

I love the stripes
in black & white too

I just loved the frosted blades of grass
and dashed out to photograph with the blanket

I have set myself a challenge of taking a photo a day in December and thought you may like to see the first weeks efforts! Not only is the challenge to take a photo a day, but that everything should be home crafted and not commercialised, fingers crossed I manage it.  To follow this on a daily basis, head over to my Facebook page:
Like the page and you see the daily photographs!

Knitted Christmas baubles

Kitchen utensils given the painted red treatment

Norwegian nisse made from toilet rolls!

Crocheted brooch with cinnamon for seasonal effect

Pepperkake, a Christmas must in our household

A nod to British tradition, cloves and oranges, Christingle style

Felt covered match boxes to sit by the fireplace

 Hope your seasonal preparations
are going well, have a great week


  1. A wonderful week of Christmas and crafting. Your blanket looks beautiful, and is getting really big now isn't it. Happy second candle lighting for advent. I know that isn't a real thing, but I hope you know what I mean! xx

    1. Thank you Amy, I do indeed know what you mean. Happy second advent day to you too ❤️


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