A Crochet Challenge for the New Year

10th January 

Playing with crochet, yarn and different stitches
In a mad rush to challenge myself and set new goals I posted on my eclectichomelife  facebook page back in November that I would be running a six week crochet blanket making course in January and would anyone be interested.  People were and it has now become a reality!  Scary stuff but a tad exciting too. Not only that but I have some people crocheting along (CAL) virtually too!!!

Having not actually run a crochet course before I had to get my thinking cap on as how best to go about it and indeed think of a blanket that would be easy enough for a beginner, challenging for an intermediate and fun and inspiring enough for someone confident in crocheting.  The aim of the course therefore would be to inspire the love of crochet.  Hope I can do it.

I set to over the Christmas period and played with oddments of yarn and produced a sample of the type of blanket I hope we would be making.  Having loved Lucy at Attic 24's Cosy CAL blanket, see
HERE , I felt I was not finished with that stitch and therefore it would make an excellent first stage to the blanket, easy enough for a beginner and interesting enough for anyone else.

Four different stitches
Having worked out what the blanket would look like, I needed to order my wool and within a couple of days it arrived.  I find choosing colour schemes perhaps the hardest thing about crochet as I like so many, but having enjoyed a neutral blanket last time, I was ready for some colour.  But, kept it to red tones only.  Hope I do not become fed up with it!

Woolwarehouse packaging, appeals to the little girl in me

Choosing colours is the hardest part of crochet for me

Using craft sticks as a reminder of the colour
 and wool being used for the blanket
In order to help everyone on the course, I thought it best if I actually began mine before the first lesson.  I chained the required 198 and completed my first row.  This would give everyone as idea of what theirs should look like.
Chain of 198 and row one complete
and ready to show at the first lesson
The evening worked well and we were a mixed bag of experience with crochet, a couple not ever having picked up a crochet hook before to one who has produced lots of items.  by the end of the evening, we had drank tea and coffee, eaten cake and everyone had completed at least three rows of crochet, some even managing four.  I felt like a very proud mother hen ;)

Cake each week has been promised, this week lemon and blueberry. 
Nearly everyone completed four rows on the first night.
Everyone has been set homework and so I too need to complete my block of crochet for this weeks blanket and make a start on the first two rows of next weeks stitch, so everyone will be able to see what we will be attempting in lesson 2...

On the fifth colour stripe, which is row 10

Using treble stitch allows the
blanket to grow quickly

♥  Have you set yourself any challenges this year?  ♥


  1. I have just put on my blog that I need a new crochet project and have asked for suggestions! Perhaps I should join you.Barbara

    1. Yes! Please do! You would be so welcome. Send me an email to eclectichomeandlife (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you the details each week. Excited you want to join x

  2. Good luck with the classes, I hope that they go really well and that everyone - including you! - enjoys them. I am going to make a Cosy from Lucy's pattern, but in muted colours as you did. I love the packaging too, that is how my new yarn came and I love it!! xx

    1. Ooh can't wait to follow your cosy cal blanket. Have you chosen the colours yet?

  3. Hi Selma and well done on your classes, a beautiful blanket in the making, they will love it.
    So very pleased you have had so much interest in this craft of ours and looking forward to hearing how everyone gets on with their blankets.
    Helen x

    1. Thank you Helen. It is both exciting and nerve wrecking!! 😉

  4. Selma, I'm interested in doing this, although I may not be able to keep up weekly; we are moving in a couple of weeks. Are you going to post the various stitches you use? I love the Cosy CAL that you made and that you are using those stitches for the beginning; I've already created the chain and am about to start on Row 1. this will be a gift for a young member of our family and I plan to make a second one for another young relative, too. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Happy New Year to you and your family! ~ Linne

    1. Brilliant news. Very pleased and excited. If you send me an email to eclectichomeandlife (at) gmail (dot) com then I will send you the details. I think it would suit a younger family member perfectly x

  5. Wow that is so fantastic that you are teaching this class to others both with you and virtually. I am so impressed and the blanket is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Meredith. It is great fun. You are so generous x

  6. Thanks, Selma. I've emailed you. I've begun with a 120 stitch chain and am nearly done my fifth row (second colour). I'm not choosing colours, just using up what's left from the Bavarians I was making over the past few months. Those are amazing, by the way. If you are interested, here's a photo or two of mine: https://arandomharvest.wordpress.com/2014/12/27/1001-bavarian-delights/ The pattern is here on the designer's site: http://teddyandtottie.com/the-tutorials/ I made a couple of minor changes, but it's a very easy pattern and looks amazing!

    Thanks again, Selma, and for the re-connection with Lucy at Attic24. ~ Linne

    1. Linne, am so excited that you are joining in. Love the colours you have begun with. Thank you for posting them in my fb page. Keep them coming, more photos the merrier. Next stitch instalment in Thursday evening. Shout if you need to know anything. So very excited x


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