Knitted Valentine Baubles

12th February  ♥♥♥  Almost Valentines Day

Knitting on dpn ~ double pointed needles
Tomorrow my daughter leaves for Kenya
along with her fellow fund raisers. I wish them well and send them my love. No idea what I am bumbling on about follow the link here:
 Kenya post
Some of you may remember that one of the things I wish to achieve this year is to be a better knitter. I mean I can knit and when pushed I will. But I wanted to crack it and enjoy it like I do crochet. I maybe well on that path thanks to three people, the wonderful Arne and Carlos, don't know who they are? Follow this link, they really are fantastic champions of dpn and knitting and Scandinavian textile design:  Arne & Carlos  Doesn't hurt that they are both Norwegian too ;). The third person I am grateful to is mamma Kari. Mentioning that I wanted to become a whizz at knitting and what I had in mind, she set to, making a few examples for me, jumped on a plane and sat beside me gently encouraging me
that I would enjoy it.
Watching the pattern unfold is exciting

And she was right.

Between us we knitted for the whole of Scandinavia and the UK and sat in companiable crafty silence next to each other.

Precious moments. 

So what did we knit? Arne and Carlos knitted valentine and Easter baubles. I really do urge you to give them a try. They are truly addictive and now having made 27 of them between us in only five days I still want to make more!! Addiction has set in and the crochet is not getting a look in.

A great inspirational pattern book for knitters

This was the first pattern I knitted from the book


Three of the twenty seven baubles we knitted

Adding colour with knitted baubles

Once you have made a few it really is simple to begin creating your own patterns and designs too. Am thinking I might make some personalised initial ones for each of us in the house at some point. 

I have posted previously about Arne and Carlos and the knitted Christmas baubles HERE but I was not taken with them because  my knitting dexterity was not then up to much, this time I am better.  I love making these baubles.  Can you tell?  Whilst I am in a knitting phase I think I should start to create some more of the Christmas ones too.   What do you think?  Too early to start mentioning Christmas or perhaps because it is so ridiculously early it is ok to mention the C word?

♥  Have a wonderful day  ♥


  1. How brilliant are they!!! A lovely sweet idea for Valentines! All those needles scare me though!! xx

  2. Yes, they are brilliant hanging on those branches! Those needles scare me too! I've tried and tried double pointed needles and get in such a mess !! Suzy x

    1. The first couple of rows are really tricky and I want to almost throw them across the room but for some reason I kept going this time round.

  3. I have tried to knit for years..I finally made a scarf about a year ago..a very simple't seem to crack it..your knitting is so beautiful. Enjoy. Xoxo susie

    1. I think it must be mind over natter. This time I was just determined. Wish I could be the same about my eating habits too !

  4. Hello! I love Arne and Carlos. I have this book and I made the bunny rabbit. It's such a fun knit. Your eggs are lovely. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day.

    1. I am very tempted to make him too! But have a few other must do makes first. X

  5. They are so pretty! How precious to have your mamma come over to encourage you!

  6. Best of luck to your daughter on her big adventure. Love your knitting.

    1. She has no way of communicating with us but the charity Nasio trust via Facebook are posting photos daily. So I can see she is well and experiencing lots. My heart is swelling with pride x


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