Snow is not just for children

3rd February 

I took this photo last week when everyone
was posting their snow pictures!
Hailing from Scandinavian origin there are three things I crave from nature: mountains and trees, lakes and coastal life and finally snow.  All over the UK in the past couple of weeks I have been seeing everywhere on social media snow has fallen, everywhere that is except where I live.  In North America and Canada they seem to have so much snow it is no longer fun but until this morning, we had nothing, nada, not a little flake even.  So much so that I have deliberately kept my crocheted snowflakes up from Christmas in the faint hope it would encourage the weather gods...

Under normal circumstance I would not even bat an eyelid at the amount of snow that graced our gardens this morning, but I am a girl starved I tell you.  It has not snowed in our neck of the woods for over two years and for some strange quirk of fate neither have I been to Norway during the snowy months for a couple of years, all this leads to a girl delirious.  At 1am when she noticed snowflakes falling out side she became more giddy than words could describe.  I confess I was in a dilemma, wake up the sleeping occupants of the house, go outside alone or sit with a dreamy smile on my face?  You got it, I had to pad outside in my slippers and put my face up to the sky and let the flakes fall on my skin.  It.  Felt.  Good.

Snowing finally...

Having hormonal teenagers who seem to love their sleep more than anything else at the moment, I awoke them to the glee of snow,  to be told, they both knew, had seen it through the window and could they have a little bit more of a lie in before having to get up and ready for school.  Where had my excited little ones gone, if you find them, send them back, because these imposters can surely not be my kids.  They washed, dressed, ate and left for school with not a snowball made or thrown, phah!  I thought to myself, I will play in the snow alone.  And so I did.

Firstly, I took some photographs just from the garden whilst the snow was fresh, knowing our climate, the snow will be gone by lunch time...

The pink bench, hardly noticeably in the summer with
all the vegetation creates a needed dash of colour in the winter garden
If you are interested in the pink bench, there is a post about it HERE

Finally the cat came out to join me, so I wasn't alone, but she has never really liked the snow and only managed a few minutes just to see what I was up to and promptly turned her tail and snuck back inside to the warm.

I then needed to play and what else would a crochet, crafty sewing girl do in the snow...

I couldn't resist photographing last nights crochet
make in the snow, it's not often we have such a back drop.

The crochet class blanket is coming along
and looked stunning against the white snow
 But really all I wanted to do was to make a snow man and make snow angels in the snow...

Using my upturned felted bowl, makes the mini snowman
 look like a colourful Russian me thinks!

Looking at the snow man from my kitchen window
is really putting a smile on my face
  Stay warm wherever you are 


  1. What lovely pictures, I love snow too!, we didn't have any today, maybe tomorrowxx

  2. Snow here too- the dogs and I went out and ran about like mad things while everyone else stayed sensible indoors... :o)

    ps- made your cake with a tweak here and there. It was lovely and went down a storm. Ta for the recipe- I linked to your blog for it, hope that was OK. :o)

    1. Oooh glad you made the cake. What were the tweaks. Love it when recipes are adapted. Very happy for you to link back. Thank you x

  3. I really know what you mean. I am always sooooo happy when it snows here in London, even if it is not even a cm. I was really pleased when my husband told me about it at 6am. I did not dare to wake up the children though. Grumpy preschoolers are not fun and definitely not as quietly moaning as teenagers.
    They still saw it in the morning and were just as pleased as I was.
    All gone now :( (But we have been in the snow up to the armpits (theirs, not mine) over Christmas.So I shouldn't be complaining.

  4. I'm glad you finally got some snow. Great for taking pictures and your snowman is great. I love your pink bench. We've had some snow but not a great deal. I think we might be going to get some more tonight.

    1. Thanks I liked the snow man too. Melted now. Just a lump of snow...

  5. Lovely photos, I haven't got any snow here at all. Enjoyed seeing yours!

    1. Glad you like it. Maybe some will come to you soonish...

  6. I originally come from Sheffield where they have had a lot of snow this year. I've wanted snow too, we had a bit overnight but it was virtually gone by morning, I'm so disappointed!

    1. Understand your disappointment. I have been so frustrated seeing all the snow posts. Sorry if I have added to yours. Fingers crossed you have a snow flurry again soon x

  7. Like most things bloggy, I feel that if I can't have snow at least I can enjoy yours! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh how I love your snowman!!!!!! Too too cute!!! Glad that you had fun playing! xx

  9. the blankie in the vivid and pretty..and the snowman..adorable 😊


  10. The snow looks like so much fun. I am glad you had fun init. Your kids will come back to you, having teenagers almost feels like you have aliens instead of your kids.

  11. So glad you got some snow at last! And that you had lots of fun playing too! Your crafty makes look lovely with a snowy background.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  12. I just commented on another blog that I can't wait for spring to come :)
    Enjoy your days in the snow!

  13. Fun snow pictures! Thanks for linking up to Thoughts on Thursday.


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