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      Sunlit Sunday thank yous

      1st March 

      I have written two post now about my 15 year old daughter and her journey to Kenya, this will be my last. For the previous posts, click on the links:  Kenya and the Nasio Trust  and Kenya visit Many of you have posted such heart warming comments that I thought it only fair to share with you the letter she has written to thank those who helped her experience such a rich learning in both the fundraising journey and the actual Kenyan visit itself.  I think we can say she has changed and is changing...
      Dear Friends
      I just wanted to write to you all to say thank you.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

      Throughout life we have moments or experiences that shape you into the person that you are today, they can be small insignificant moments to others but mean the world to you or they could be huge and just effect you in your own way.

      This trip was one of those moments for me, the first one that hit me hard and it may sound clique but it was the best 10 days of my life and will stay with me forever. Over the years I will forget the details because that’s what humans do, however I will never forget the lessons I learned or the things I saw.

       I broke my heart completely on this trip and yet I don't feel broken, I feel determined.

      We can change things, that's what The Nasio Trust and this trip have taught me.   It’s so easy to help someone, sometimes a simple hug or song can give you the most joy with the smile that comes with it.

      The children I met in Kenya had nothing, they live without what we would call the necessities and yet most of them smile more than anyone else I have ever known.

       I've changed, and although it may not seem completely obvious at first it's there and I have you partially to thank.

      Everyone of you helped me in some way or another to get to Kenya whether it was donating on my page, asking for charity dinner pictures, coming to the charity dinner or simply encouraging me, you all helped.

      However I am not finished, I have a little bit more fundraising to do and would appreciate your help, but first here is a bit about the trip.

      I meet two girls that really...  that I really fell in love with Flora and Naomi.

      Naomi is in baby class and is aged 4, however she is at the top of her class and is adamant to stay there when she moves up classes. I have never met any child who has such a passion for learning, it was truly amazing to see.

      Flora on the other hand is as cheeky as they can come and just wants to play.  She's a bit older and craves love and attention which is heart breaking when you think about the reason why that may be.  We saw and heard of many sad stories about why these children need help.

      Both of these girls have helped open my eyes to the world around me and I have decided to sponsor Naomi (Flora also has a sponsor now) who I found out on my last day is HIV positive,.  The majority of children are HIV positive, through no fault of their own.  You would not know she was because despite the time she spends in hospital she still smiles.

      As Nancy, the daughter of the founder of this Trust once said, “We can't change the world but we can change one person’s life."   I plan to do that for Naomi and want to thank you all for giving me that opportunity.

      Some of you may want to know what we did in Kenya, we didn’t stop and the Trust used us in many different ways but looked after us well at the same time.  We dug and we dug and we dug in temperatures about 34 degrees.  We were digging a 30 x 10 foot fish stock pond that needed to be 6 feet deep.  In the time that we were there we managed half of the job, paid labourers will now finish the remainder.  This will be paid for directly out of the fund raising money that we raised over the past year and that you helped me achieve.

      We also helped an orphaned family of five children better their home.  Being adult less, the oldest child at 12 had to leave school to look after his sister and brothers, the youngest, Justus at the time was only one.   They have been robbed numerous times and taken advantage of, even the sister was raped.  As a team we helped mend the walls, cemented (so it could not be stolen) in a huge water butt and added guttering so they could collect the rain water.  We bought them beds, mattresses and some basic equipment they so desperately needed.  All with the money we raised.  Our first day at Justus’ house was a hard emotional day for all of us, I do not think any of us will forget it.

      I am attaching four photographs to this email to share with you some of the joy of Kenya.  Naomi is pictured in the first and last photograph and Flora is in the middle two, along with Joey, who also fund raised and will now be sponsoring Flora.

      If you wish to help me continue on my journey of fundraising, please let me know by return email and I will give you further details where you can send some money.  I am not expecting you to but I have become even more determined to help that I wanted to give you an opportunity too if you wish. [Insert by me here, if you wish to help fund raise email me at eclectichomeandlife{@}gmail{dot}com]

      But really what I wanted to say to you all, for helping change my outlook on life is thank you, thank you, thank you.

       Lots of love Ella xoxox



       I am so very proud.
      ♥  Hope you have a Sunlit Sunday wherever you are  ♥

       Joining in with Karen with her Sunlit Sunday, click on the link to see what others are sharing today...




      1. You can be very proud of your daughter!

      2. Thank you for sharing Ella's experiences in Kenya with us. She is a wonderful young lady.

      3. Replies
        1. I confess to shedding a few tears when I read it

      4. A wonderful letter - you are a wonderful young lady Ella! xx

      5. What a credit to her generation and her upbringing your Ella is!

        1. This comment has been removed by the author.

        2. She is and thank you. I think all of the young people on this trip were equally as touched and motivated too

      6. Your daughter has a big heart. Like Pondside, I think some wonderful parenting must have occurred.


        1. She does have a good heart. As to parenting... One always tries ones best. You never really know if you get it right but there are good glints of hope. We talk a lot and discuss and hope the young ones are able to make informed choices in life as they take their first independent steps...

      7. Your Ella is very articulate with a heart for others.

        1. She is. There is more inside her than I had realised. I knew she was wonderful in my eyes but she's opening my eyes too.

      8. I'd be very very proud too if she was my daughter. She's willing to help, she's determined, she's brave and she has a generous heart. She's amazing!

      9. Hi Selma, you must be so proud of Ella. This was such a heartfelt post to read. It's so nice to see young people so dedicated to help others in this world. My daughter traveled the world with her job for World Vision. It's such a needed worthwhile cause. I wish Ella the very best.


      I will always read all comments and will try to reply but it may take me a couple of days, do please pop back and lets get a conversation going...