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      An unexpected hiatus

      September 11th

      Sunrise in the fields by my village
      I am really not sure what to write or indeed at the moment whether I should write...  I've had an unexpected break from both blogging and reading blogs of which I had not meant to.  And now I am not sure how to flow back in, I feel very staccato and have wondered about stopping and yet here I am at the keyboard.  That must be telling right?  Somewhere inside, I must want to carry on...

      Indeed I know not where this post is going but if you are reading this, then I obviously decided to publish.  I have in truth been reading one blog, that of http://thetwistedyarn.com/  If you do not know Phil, then I urge you to pop along.  She is a knitter extraordinaire and now of late becoming a whizz at the most complicated original and intriguing crochet projects.  I think she may be a slightly bonkers and twisted character too ;)  The reason I have been reading her blog is because she pops up on my face book page almost as if to say 'hello' here I am,  how could I resist.  As I have not been logging in on my blog or indeed on my emails, I have not had the other blogs literally pop up in front of me.  Until that was this morning when I ventured over to Amy at Love Made my Home.  Her Five on Friday, of which I am planning on getting back into today(!) made me stop and think and reflect and that is perhaps why I am here at the keyboard.

      Look at the date, it sent shivers down my spine and all that we hear and see on the news and for all those stories out there yet untold of the atrocities that befall the human race by others hands I am weeping.  Weeping also for the ones this year and years gone by who have lost their fight with depression. I know I am not alone but I am hurting, so my Five on Friday today is to be positive, be grateful and to help wherever I can in my own small way...

      I am grateful for my family and friends whom keep me sane, make me laugh and give me a purpose to my life.  Walking this path alone would be too difficult and I am blessed to be surrounded.  Thank you.
      This picture sums up family and friendship to me
      Feeling blessed to have found a family sport  and recreation in sailing where we can all be together, learning, having fun and exploring the world.

      Each year we hold a regatta on the Thames for family and friends,
      this year it was COLD but fun as always


      I give thanks that we have food on the table  and do not need to worry where our next meal will come from, food is so important to me, it conjures up all sorts of feelings of well being, friendship, family, love, togetherness.  I couldn't imagine what a world would be without this.  So thankful.

      Homemade tapenade, homegrown tomatoes
      and coffee in my new bone china cup


      To have the fortune and opportunity to continue learning and be educated. Under this umbrella I have to add the internet for bringing me a whole new world on my door step, from you tube video tutorials, to IG and blogging friends with whom I learn from and share knowledge with.  This has been a revelation to me in the last couple of years and a big part of my happiness.

      Crochet my first crafting love of which I am
      constantly learning new things about.
      August 15 was granny square day
      on Instagram, did you join in?

      Glass fusing has been my latest passion and I
      made these cocktail stirrers for my daughter's 16th
      Safety and security are all important and I am lucky to have a beautiful sanctuary and roof over my head.  I take it for granted most days but stop short every now and again, as today and am so in awe of how lucky I am.

      Warmth from the fire at home despite a cold summer
      warms both the heart and the mind

      The nature around and in the garden is inspirational
      both for its colour, inspiration and beauty

      Sunset over my roof  ♥

        I wish you all safety, security, food, warmth and love
      Hoping that normal services will resume here soon, please do pop back and see.  Joining in finally again with  Amy taking Five minutes of my day to list 5 things that are important to me. 
      Do pop over and see what others have listed.
       I am also joining in with   #thelist  hosted by Hannah and Aby, pop over and see
      the huge array of blog s over there too.

      Until next time...






      1. What a lovely post, I too am blessed with a lovely family that I love to spend time with and am fortunate not to have to worry about food or a roof and for that I am ever thankfull and truly blessed.

      2. I did enjoy your five, how pretty the cocktail stirrers are. What a great theme you picked for your five.

      3. What a moving post, I know what you mean, and this day always brings back the feelings from that day. And I am blessed to have family, friends and it makes you think.xx

      4. A beautiful, beautiful heartwarming and touching post! You blessed my heart this morning. Don't give up blogging....

      5. I enjoyed your post very much and have had a quick peek at the twisted yarn and can see that it is a marvellous place. Thanks for the recommendation. :-)

      6. You have written such a heart touching post today. It's good to hear you're back in blogland. I missed hearing from you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Pat xx

      7. Your glass work is lovely! We saw a galss demon in Murano in Venice this past summer. It was amazing - such talent, skill and artistry! I couldn't od it - I'd burn myself for sure! :)

      8. A wonderful way to find your way back to your blog. Great to hear from you and to get to read about the blessings in your life. I hope that all is well with you and yours and that you have just been busy doing good fun things over the summer. Sorry that I haven't been in touch, I am a heel! We will get together soon! I hope that you have a great weekend my friend! xx

      9. Welcome back Selma! It's a lovely post to ease you back in. I think we have all been reflective lately and realise how lucky we really are. Have a lovely weekend and take care xx

      10. It's lovely to see you back, Selma, and I very much enjoyed reading your post xx

      11. Your reflections are so beautiful. I too am grateful at how much information we have at our disposal to learn anything and everything we could ever want through the internet. Thank you so much for your words. Aloha.

      12. Selma, you're an inspiration to me (and many others I'm sure who read your blogs) by the wonderful home life you create for your family. With the terrible events in the news that bombard us on a daily basis, focussing on trying to bring happiness to our loved ones is the most tangible way to celebrate the positive, beautiful things in life. xx

        1. Oh Jan. Thank you. You've made my eyes fill up but in a good way. Thank you

      13. What a lovely post Selma. It's great to have you back. I'm especially looking forward to your festive posts. ( I don't dare mention the 'C' word yet).

        1. Thank you Jules. After reading this message I sat down to begin planning the 'C' posts. You've spurred me on ;)

      14. There is always so much to be grateful for in our lives, but we often forget to see it or sometimes it is just plain hard to see. Keep up your positive work, Welcome back.

      15. Good to have you back. I've missed your posts. But it does sound as though you've had some wonderful adventures over the summer.

        And yes, it's hard to read about the absolute horrors that are going on around the world at the moment. Sometimes I feel ridiculous blogging about knitting, when there are - for example - bloggers in Bangladesh being murdered for writing openly about things that actually matter. But then I think, well others are writing with more knowledge and articulacy about the important things. And it's OK to provide a bit of escapism. Anyway, sorry to ramble.

        Oh, and thank you so much for the plug!


      I will always read all comments and will try to reply but it may take me a couple of days, do please pop back and lets get a conversation going...