Crochet poppies and randon musings

30th October

Wearing my poppy with pride
We are nearing remembrance day and I decided I would like to make myself a crocheted poppy.  Last year I made myself a crocheted ring ( crochet ring ) but this year I wanted to wear a poppy on my coat with pride.  My husband pointed out that I was missing the point of not buying one as it was all to help our heroes.  What he didn't realise or understand was that I was going to be donating anyway and  not taking one of the paper poppies, so the charity would still get my money but I would not be using their resources but still promoting the cause by wearing mine.  Asked if he wanted a crocheted poppy, he replied with a resounding, "No!"  Those that follow this blog will remember that he struggles with  my crochet addiction and thinks it is my form of cocaine!

A quick search on line produced what I thought was one of the best looking poppies out there, why try to reinvent the wheel when there is already a great (and free) pattern out there.  I give you my preferred poppy from blog and internet land...


I did not have the teddy bear/doll's eye for the centre of the poppy as suggested so instead this is what I did.

Rough idea about how to roll the crochet
Using black yarn, its a tricky colour to work with, but necessary for the poppy.

Chain 12
Into the second chain from the hook dc and then dc into each chain till the end. 
fasten off leaving a long tail.
Roll up the crochet into a tight roll, see drawing
Then sew in the loose threads, it almost forms a ball, I think it works well.

Sew the black centre onto the poppy and leaf and attach a brooch fastening onto the back, et voila.

After posting on my eclectichomelife facebook page, someone said I should sell them.  Well for me that's not ticket, but I mentioned that if anyone wanted one and would donate money to the British Legion then I would make them one.  Within the hour, I had 10 requests...

Breakfast and my production line

All made and ready to wear

Wool from the Shetland islands
What else has been going on here in the eclectic house, well as said my husband is a tad exasperated by my crafting, he's a gentle tease with a grain of truth behind it and I do not often make him anything.   However this past summer whilst sailing the boat to the Shetland islands he purchased a new boat jumper.  In fact he loves it so much he wears it almost all the time when not at work.  The only issue he has with it is that the neckline is lower than he is used to and as he is a man who feels the cold asked for a neck warmer to match.  Could I find matching yarn anywhere, I could not, but then in honestly, I did not try very hard.  He mentioned I should get in touch with the Shetland island company and see if they could help.  What a great place Shetland knitwear is.  Each time I rang or emailed, there was immediate response, they did what they said and were helpful and efficient.  I so wish all companies were like this.  So now I have matching yarn and the snood has begun.  My home life will be calm and the teasing may stop just for a while....hehehe    Should you be interested,  the webpage is here, it's not the best or most modern, but what a helpful company with wonderfully hand knitted wear. shetlandknitwear

It's half term here, school holidays are my favourite time of the year.  It means we are no longer ruled by that silly clock and I am no longer that banshi woman with hair flaying wildly from the wind that I produce from running round after the children ensuring they have completed all the school tasks, music practice, and rushing from one training session to the other.  I metamorph back into the person I once was pre children into a calmer gentler person who can laugh and have fun, in essence, I am a much nicer person in the holidays.  You hear of these women who cannot wait for their children to go back to school who drag their children kicking and screaming to plonk them by the school gates, me, NO!  I'm the opposite, I barricade the door and do not want to let my children return on the Monday morning.   They in essence  turn into the adults on Monday and remind me that by law they must leave my house and return to the educational establishment that creates in me this nagging monster... ohh noooo, I'm not looking forward to Monday...

This holiday we have stayed at home at the bequest of the children, who wanted lazy home days and to see friends, so we have stayed even more chilled than usual and took in the lovey Windsor Great Park and that especially of Saville Gardens.  Autumnal leaves were played with, kicked about and thrown in the air, trees were climbed and a walk and talk with friends ended the day extremely well, ahh the holidays...

The queen's swans, all swans in the
UK belong to the queen

Autumn sun and fabulous shadows

These swans were really teasing each other

Fun in the gardens

Spectacular autumnal colours

In other news it was my birthday and my wonderful family bought me a microwave glass fusing kiln, I shall be inundating you all with glass, if I haven't already...

Removing the kiln from the microwave you can see
the hot glow from the melted glass inside

Each kiln will fire slightly differently, this was
my first piece and was not quite fired enough, I am learning

And finally my fifth thing to share with you is there is always hope.  I planted these bulbs back in the beginning of September and was almost ready to give up on them, but this morning whilst making my coffee, I spotted the first peak of the green shoot, yeah!

Can you spot what made me jump whilst
choosing my bulbs at the garden centre?

Finally after 8 weeks there are shoots...

For those that missed it I also posted this week about my month of crochet, photos from everyday this month, all in one post, do click the link to see:  Photo a day crochet

Sharing my five things with you this week along with  Amy and all the others for Five on Friday.

  Hope your week is full of hope 


  1. I am loving your crochet poppies, I wish I could crochet (ahhh). I agree, nothing wrong with making your own poppy as long as you still support and donate. Yes, I spotted the cute little face amongst the bulbs, please please do shed light - I am so curious now.

    1. The donkey face made me squeal and laugh out loud. It was a broken outdoor ornament that someone had just placed there! Someone with humour

  2. The crochet poppies are lovely Selma. Karen gave me one a few years ago now and I wear it with pride every year, knowing that it will still be on my coat and not lost on a path somewhere!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on the subject of chilling out with the children when they are on holiday. I absolutely loved those times, getting up when we felt like it, sitting snuggled up in one chair and watching some silly programme on television when the weather was foul etc. Special days indeed with absolutely no pressure.

    Loved the blog. xx

    1. You've summed it up perfectly. Special days with no pressure

  3. Lovely poppies and I like the idea of quiet time at home to do just as you want. The little face in the bulbs is interesting, I wonder what it was?:)

    1. Quiet time is so needed to recharge batteries I feel. The face was someone's sense of humour I believe a broken old garden ornament

  4. The poppies are so lovely. I hope you've had a relaxing week including a very happy birthday. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous glass fusing work. X

  5. Hope back at you, nice person!
    Swans. So lovely. I didn't know that THE Queen owns the swans.
    Your poppies are lovely.

    1. It's incredible isn't it Pom Pom that she owns them all. Each year there is something called Swan upping when the queens guards come out in boats and number each one too. Quite a spectacular thing to see

  6. I have a crochet poppy for my coat and a sparkly one that I wear, but I still always make a donation, as the RBL are one of my chosen charities to support at any time. So I think that your plan to have a crochet one and make a donation is a good one. Hope that you have fun with your glass kiln, I look forward to seeing more! xx

  7. Gosh you've been busy! You poppies look great. Eek there's a face in the bulbs, it's rather spooky isn't it. Savil Garden's cafe is a wonderful building, we've had quite a warm week to enjoy the great outdoors. :-)

    1. I love the shape of the building it was lovely and warm you're right. The donkey face really spooked me

  8. Those poppies look great and it seems others think so too. I'd be tempted to put one on your husbands coat to see how long it took before he noticed :).

    1. Hahaha. That's just had me roar with laughter. I may just do that ! ;)

  9. So many wonderful things in this post! First of all, the crocheted poppies were wonderful and I love the grey wool yarn! Also, your Autumn photos are awesome, and I think the glass fusing will be interesting...can't wait to see more. Loved that you enjoy having your kids home. They are adorable in the tree photo!

    1. You are very generous in your comments thank you so much Marie

  10. What a gorgeous tree shot - would look nice on a canvas.

    I think the most important thing about remembrance day is showing your respect and keeping the memory alive, so you wear your poppy and be proud, it's lovely!

  11. Your poppies are so adorable Selma! Love and appreciate the meaning behind them even here in the States. ;)

    Sounds like a wonderful school time break and some fun family time - always a bit of heaven!

    I know what you mean about the hubby vs crafting thing. Lol They get football or other hobby - we get crafting, what's so hard to understand, right? I'm sure your hubby will be thrilled with your new creation!

    Great job not giving up hope - those kinds of roots can run deep. :)
    Blessings. xo

  12. I love your crocheted poppy. Very Pretty. As long as you donate to veterans when you can it's perfectly okay to supply your own! I saw a poppy in a jewelry store the other day. It was covered in crystals and glitter. I am not sure it really captured the spirit of remembering but yours sure does!

  13. I think it's great that you crochet and have done these poppies. I've tried knitting and assume crochet is similar but alas I was no good so I'm in awe of your work.

    1. Knitting never came naturally to me Hekena that's why I began with crochet. I think it's easier to begin with and now I love both. Maybe give crochet a go first

  14. Oh well done you! those crocheted poppies are fab!
    I confess to drooling a bit when I saw your breakfast - soon good! And what lovely outdoor autumn photos of the swans and pathway!

    1. Thanks Christine. Breakfast was good that day x

  15. The poppies look great, breakfast looks yummy.


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