Leftover yarn

19th October

Had left over yarn from this project
Between now and December like many, my crafting mind turns to Christmas, if we do not begin now then there is no chance of completing handmade gifts and decorations before D day.  With this in mind, I completed a Christmas make yesterday, all will be revealed in December, pop back as I post every day in that month.  But I was left a small amount of yarn.  Now I was using an expensive alpaca yarn, I don't normally spend so much on wool but could not resist for this particular project.  Therefore I felt I couldn't relegate this small scrap into my scrap bag to be forgotten about for months and felt compelled to use it immediately.  But what to make?

What do you do with your yarn scraps?  Please share...  

Having also limited amount of time yesterday before we had to begin making dinner, I didn't even have time to google to gain some inspiration when suddenly it hit me... some sort of necklace type adornment.  I wear long necklaces a lot and thought umm, maybe just maybe I could make something I could wear with my dresses...

This yarn worked well for a necklace
as it was already chunky and if you
look almost rope like, yet so incredibly soft

I began by using the majority of yarn to form lots of loops and then tied then at one end to hold them in place, forming the actual necklace part of the make.  I measured it round my neck to achieve the desired length, see end photograph.    This was not enough to make it a special necklace and was lacking in something.  So a rose flower was crocheted.  You know the type that you chain a gazillion chains and then begin with dc into every third stitch, say about 6 or so and then increase the height to a dtr, then finally rolling up to form a rose.  I didn't use a pattern and just made it up as I went along so can't really help more than that.

The rose before rolling up and stitching together
Although here are a couple of good ones I have since found if you are interested...

small rose  and another here  larger rose

I did not have quite enough of the Rowan yarn to complete the flower, how typical, so used an equally chunky 100% wool, usually used for felting in shades of grey and blue.  I think actually I was lucky that I ran out as the blue gives the necklace more of an edge than had it all been in grey.

Rolled up crochet rose

My quick make necklace, made in about half and hour

    So please do tell, what do you do with your leftover yarn? 
Would love to have some more ideas... 


  1. Your necklace is lovely. You're right, the blue sets it off beautifully. Odd bits of yarn? Well, I recently made some small mittens, wrist warmers, a neck warmer for Bear and even a pan saver. I still have a bag full though. X

    1. Just noticed those fabulous needles! Brilliant. X

    2. Me too Julrs I have so much left over yarn but all your ideas are good. Thank you. Yes! I love those needles also!

  2. I love your necklace. I don't know what to do with leftover yarn either! I'm of no help!

    1. Thanks Pom Pom. It is a problem all these bits of yarn...

  3. Well clearly if I was as clever as you I would make one of your gorgeous necklaces! A very good use for your leftover yarn! xx

  4. I think you did a great job, what a beautiful necklace.

  5. Gorgeous! I love your needles too. Sewing will be happening here for Christmas presents- bags and purses mostly :-)

    1. I too am hoping to get some sewing time in but I'm feeling the days are already slipping...


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