Christmas glass fusing and gifts

December 21st  

This year I have found a new love in glass fusing and since October we have been making glass gifts and decorations.  This is a photo heavy post...

Quick and simple to make are Christmas trees and over the weeks we began to perfect them.  Tweaking here and there is all part of the fun and you never really know what the firing process will do to the creations.

Great fun to make these Christmas trees


I think they are quite subtle and dress the window well

And glass trees in the kitchen, it has to be RED

I made about ten tree brooches in the end and wear different ones each day, I've given a few away already...
Even glass tree brooches, bad photo it looks so good in 'real'

Mistletoe brooch

Contemporary holly brooch

As well as going out to my weekly glass course, I have been making use of my birthday present, the microwave kiln.  I'm still getting to grips with it and intend to play much more in the New Year.

The microwave kiln came into it's own in making the
smaller pieces such as earring and cufflinks

A sneak look at the hot glow after firing

My biggest project to date other than large glass bowls was  a free standing angel, the idea being a candle is lit behind her to give an ethereal feel.
Unfortunately the angel was too high in the kiln and lost
lots of her definition, thinking I will have another go

I still like the angel though

She really wasn't meant to be, was she?
The children every year make their own Christmas presents for the adults in the family.  This year they decided to try glass fusing too.

Even the children have fused glass, making Christmas presents

The children's work needed two firings, one to fuse
together and the second to 'slump' them into the dish moulds

Coaster before firing

I may have become quite addicted , just look...

A kiln full of Christmas presents and goodies

And presents to give to hosts and hostess' over the Christmas period...
Christmas scenes fired but still warm in the kiln

Christmas scene in situ

We loved making the robins and the house cat seemed quite keen too!

Robins in the kiln

...and outside on my holly bush

  Have you made any Christmas presents this year?  


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! So many lovely things!!! I adore them all. Happy Christmas! xx

  2. Wonderful! I think I'll have to try it, I'm so impressed. x

    1. If you can make your way to Oxfordshire I know of a lady who runs a great introductory course. Let me know if you're interested ever x

  3. Your fused glass is just beautiful. I've crocheted some mandala place mats for my Mum for Christmas. I always find it quite nerve-wracking making presents for people; I get them finished then agonise over whether they will actually like them!

    1. Shelagh, I know exactly what you mean. I often think, agh, perhaps I'll keep it but then usually persuade myself it's good enough. It's the thought and love that goes behind it surely?!?

  4. Oh what brilliant fun !!!!!
    Well done the pieces look lovely you clever lot!

    1. Thanks Val, I shall pass on your enthusiasm to the children too

  5. Fabulous. I'm always drawn to glass, perhaps because my husband works in the glass industry. The children have done so well with their gifts too. Wishing you a very merry Christmas.

    1. Ooh Jo how exciting that he works in the industry. Thanks for being so generous in your comment

  6. Those glass pieces are so beautiful to look at. Little angel was perfect even if she didn't turn out exactly as planned.

    1. Thanks Dee but now I have to make another having knocked her over :(

  7. Wow! It's ALL pretty! Way to go! I love that snuggle bug kitty!

    1. The cat was cute but she was a tad in the way! The glass doesn't seem to bother her at all!?!?!

  8. Goodness! You are having a grand time making glass creations. Amazing!

    1. Thanks Tammy. It's such fun. And terribly addictive but you've guessed that already!

  9. Now I want to take a glass fusing class! You have made some wonderful things.
    Merry Christmas!


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