International Ted travels the Med

March 21st 

You maybe aware that I was given International Ted a couple of weeks ago and asked to take him on a journey.  Not to let the side down, I took him along with pappa on a cruise of the Mediterranean.  Follow his photographic journal and see what he got up to on his travels...

International Ted came to join me for a few days

As it is cold in the UK the first thing I did
was to crochet him a hat to keep him
warm before heading off to sunnier climes

International Ted has his own Twitter account
and would love you to follow him and
see where in the world he ends up, details at the end of the post

He arrived with instructions to please
tweet where in the world he would be...

This was not International Ted's first flight
as he had recently returned from a skiing trip in Canada

Pringles, oh alright then...

Having landed in the south of France he immediately
sat down and waited for his hot chocolate to arrive

Sightseeing in Italy began in earnest,
but it was thirsty work... he tried his first ever cocktail in Genoa

International Ted was much admired

He insisted on being a real 'tourist' and wanted
his photograph taken everywhere we went

Ted found sight seeing quite exhausting though

He really got a taste for Italian gelato

...and worrying for cocktails too...

Vodka martini or a Sea breeze, he just couldn't make up his mind

After a long day and several drinks later the
chambermaid tucked him up in bed

As he couldn't find any swim wear Ted commissioned
me to make him a string vest, this was it's
first outing in the indoor pool

By the time we arrived in Sicily, Ted refused to
leave the ship and stayed on board leaving
us to sight see without him.  Instead he spent the day
  trying the string vest outside by the infinity pool

International Ted was so surprised to see
UK telephone boxes and post boxes in Malta

Barcelona and the cable car in the background

A quick sunbathe before sight seeing

Visiting La Sagrada Familia is
a must in Barcelona
Back on board and time for a quick dip
in the 'middle' outside pool

Such blue sky

Beginning the journey home, Ted
realised he just wanted to get there and quick,
all this waiting around made him fed up

International Ted was quite excited to
spot his suitcase being loaded into cargo

And back at home his crocheted hat was a must,
brrr it's cold in the UK
   International Ted is now safely back in school ready for his next adventure.  Rumour has it he is visiting a new country over the Easter holidays, to find out more follow him on Twitter, he can be found under @WoodcoteTeds he would love you to follow his adventure around the world  


  1. My goodness Ted you certainly got around and about on your travels didn't you!! I hope that you have great fun at Easter trying out some more new places. Happy Travels!! xx

  2. How fantastic, looks like Ted had a great time x

  3. Lucky Ted, quite the world traveler.

  4. He's so cute! I'm envious of his travels. Loving the string vest. X

  5. Ted sure had a lovely trip. I think that is a fabulous idea for the school. Hugs,

  6. That is one lucky Teddy. xx
    Maura xx

  7. You can tell that he's having the time of his life. I hope you remembered sunscreen.

  8. Ted is so cute. He had such a lovely and long trip.
    Tell him that he will visit Japan too, someday.

  9. Life must be one long holiday for Travelling Ted or maybe he stays put in the classroom during school hours and helps his friends learn about the countries he visits?

  10. Oh! that was a cool post.I like it.

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