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      Boats and bunting

      August 30th  

      The coming weekend heralds the 15th year we host a family and friends boating regatta on our stretch of the Thames, it is chaotic, boisterous, full of energy, fun and laughter.  

      The regatta, as we grandly call it,  does require much effort in organising and getting everything ready and with four days to go what have I started... but crocheting boats to make into bunting.  I must need my head seeing to I really must!   And what on earth am I doing sitting here at the computer writing and blogging about it when it's not even finished.  If you don't hear from me until after the weekend you know where I am, recovering from the week end or burying my head in the sand as I was not quite ready for everyone but the bunting was finished...

      So I'm doing this...
      So quick to whip up, wish me luck in finishing it
      and everything else that needs to be done by Friday...
       instead of more of this...

      With 30 people staying with us from Friday
      to Sunday, there's a lot of food planning
      that needs thinking about...
      and I'm still playing...

      Children's foam play mats make excellent blocking boards

      Such an effective pattern

      The bunting pattern is not mine, did not have time to think something up as well, but the tutorial and instructions from Jacqueline are brilliantly clear, go see for your self.  I shall be using this pattern again I  am sure:        Boat bunting

      Each year I make up a photo book from the previous years
      regatta, it's incredible to see how everyone changes...

       Being very selfish, wish me well...  


      1. Wow. I am in awe. I loved reading your post about the event last year. How on earth do you even begin to think about hosting that many people?! Hope you have time to enjoy it.

        1. Phil it's easy really as everyone chips in. It's just getting the house ready that's the problem. No where to hide my cr*p!!

      2. Wishing you well and hope the sun shines for you. It sounds like a wonderful event!

        1. Thank you Gina I hope it does too. Fingers crossed

      3. Sounds fantastic. I really don't know how you manage to organise it all and still find the time to crochet. Have a wonderful time. X

        1. Umm Jules not sure I do have the time. Crochet back on hold I'm afraid! :(

      4. Wonderful idea, especially with you doing all the work!! Ha ha!! I hope you have a great time and that the sun shines on your bunting, ready or not. x

      5. Have a wonderful weekend and lots of fun. Love the boat bunting!

      6. Have a great time! The bunting is just adorable and will inspire many copycats.

      7. Oh, your bunting is darling! Wishing you luck - how fun to host the regatta! Hosting 30 is a lot of work. We used to have that many in our extended family every year at the holidays.....Don't forget to take photos and have fun! xx Karen


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