A Christmassy Five

December 16th

We are now down to single figures before the big day and I am in my element.  This time of year brings extra work and I know that can be stressful and tiring but really for me, it's just the best time of the year.  The twinkly lights that you see everywhere light up what would otherwise for me be such a dark depressing time of year that just the lights lift my spirits without even all the other goodies. Over the past week I have continued to bake, entertain, shop, wrap and decorate as well as trying to live the day to day life.  I'm sure I'm in good company with you all, want to take a peak?

Slippers for Christmas

I have been making these slippers for years, a pattern passed down to me from Mamma.  Pop over to the post and see how to make the slippers and how to Christmas pimp them too!  Christmas slippers

St Lucia Day

This week saw the annual feast of St Lucia and I shared a classic saffron bun recipe with everyone. Eat and enjoy, this is a perfect bake for those who do not like to over indulge in the very sweet cookies around at this time of year.  St Lucia

Scandinavian Mulled Wine

The Scandinavian version of mulled I must confess to loving it,  much more than the mulled wine we are served here in the UK.  I share 3 different recipes with you on this post.  Gløgg

Let's hide the packaging!

Alcohol is expensive in Norway and the cheapest way to buy wine is by the box.  Siting a box on the dinner table is not so attractive and the Scandi's came up with a clever way of covering it up.  On this post I share with you my pattern for a knitted wine box cover.  Wine box cover

A taste of something different

Mostly in Norway Christmas cookies have some form of spice added to them from ground cardamon to cloves  and many in between.  so when i can across this cookie from Norway, I had to give it a try. Great for those not a spiced cookie lover Finger Cream Cookies

Joining in with  Amy sharing a Christmas Five with you all.  Apologies for not commenting on your blogs last week, I will endevour to rectify that and will be coming around for this week too, I love seeing what you have to share.

  Enjoying the days of Advent   


  1. It was a treat to see traditions from a different country. Will be checking out the instructions when things slow down. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hmmmmm, such delicious things and what a nice idea with a knitted box cover! The slippers are pretty and ready for Christmas.
    Happy time :-)

  3. I've enjoyed all the different traditions and seeing you so organized and happy.

  4. What lovely festive things. I love Glogg. The cookies look yummy. And I like the idea of a wine box cover! It all looks very merry.

  5. I am with you such a great season, your delight shines through the post. A great five.

  6. What a fun post! Filled with great ideas, recipes, and how-tos. Merry Merry Merry~

  7. Love your post! Some wonderful ideas in there. Love the slippers, what a lovely gift and something handed down to you. Definitely a tradition to pass on.

    Happy Five on Friday

  8. How wonderful and festive. The slippers are great and the cokies look wonderful. Have a lovely weekend:)

  9. Looks like you are having fun and such super slippers!

  10. Your wine box cover is quite nice. That looks like a complex pattern to me! Slippers look comfy and a welcome present. Enjoy these days of advent!

  11. A glass of mulled wine and a couple of cookies please, they all look so good.

  12. Thanks for sharing lovely ideas...the star shaped orange rind looks so pretty, and would add wonderful scent and flavor! Your festive felt slippers look so warm, and my feet are cold at the moment :) I love the days of Advent, too.

  13. What lovely traditions you shared. I'm definitely going to check out the cozy slipper tutorial, and the mulled wine recipes. I, too, love this time of year with all the lights twinkling and the delicious warmth emanating from kitchens.

    Happy Christmas!

  14. I am enjoying all your seasonal posts and learning so much about Norwegian food and traditions.

  15. Great seasonal suggestions and fun ideas too! Hope you are not too bogged down in preparations and are having fun and enjoying it all! Happy Christmas!

  16. Well that was fun. I love learning about foods from other countries. I did discover today that I'm not a fan of Springerle. Or at least not the ones my sister gave me. They have an anise flavoring in them. I love the idea of covering the wine box! Have a great week.



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