Afternoon Scandinavian treat

December 21st

Last year I came across Trine Hahnemann's Honey Bombs and was adamant that they needed to be made again for this Christmas.  These are quick to make and keep in an air tight container for about 2 weeks.  In fact they are so simple to make with very few ingredients with short easy to follow instructions.They are somewhere between a bread and gingerbread consistency and are wonderful sliced in half with a smidgen of butter and a cup of tea.  Take a minute out of these hectic days bake yourself some and then sit down and enjoy, I dare you!

Trine suggests you bake them in mini tart tines 8-9 cm in diameter.  I tried that and normal cake tine sizes.  both work equally as well but I must agree with her that the mini tart tines were better in appearance and size.  But don't go out especially to buy them, use what you have I say.

Honey Bombs
Add the candied peel last.

You will need: (makes about 16)    

♥  150 g honey
♥  150 g soft brown sugar
♥  150 g butter
♥  4 eggs
♥  400 g plain flour
♥  2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

Spoon mixture into tins so they are 1 cm deep
♥  4 tsp ground cinnamon
♥  3 tsp ground cloves
♥  200 g candied peel


1  On a low heat melt the honey, sugar and butter.  Set aside to cool a little.
2  Once cooled add the 4 beaten eggs in gradually.
3  Sift the flour, bicarbonate and spices together and mix well.  Add to the honey mixture.
4  Add the mix peel.
5  Spoon the mixture into greased tins so that they are about 1 cm deep.
6  Bake for 20 mins at 180 degrees and cool on a wire rack.

These are great straight from the oven or toasted with lashings of butter and a good cup of tea.

A jar full of honey bombs all ready for afternoon treats

Enjoy and take a breather if you can 

  Take some time out of the hustle and bustle if you can  


  1. These look great, Selma. I've so enjoyed reading your advent posts and seeing your yummy recipes and fun activities. I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Pat xx

    1. Pat thank you, you know me, my favourite time of the year xxx

  2. They look delicious Selma. Today I am going to be making peppernotter. It's now one of our favourites. X

    1. Oh that's wonderful Jules, so pleased you found a recipe of mine you love xxx

  3. They do look delicious, you certainly have so many wonderful recipes to share it has been a joy.

    1. Thank you mamamercantile, it's been a pleasure to do too

  4. They look and sound delicious. I enjoy making honey cakes so these would be a great alternative to try. Thanks for all your recipes, it has been fun following your posts each day.

  5. You've got some delicious baking going on in your kitchen. Oh my, it looks wonderful.


    1. It smells good here too Brenda from all the baking x


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