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      Christmas in London

      December 19th

      I'm all for Christmas traditions both old and new and a new one for us as a family began 6 years ago when we first trekked into London dressed up to the nines and partook in the Christmas Sing a Long at the Royal Albert Hall.  It was magical and fun and mad the four of us feel very Christmassy.  Every year since then and despite the fact the children are teenagers they insist we must go each year.  If anything we all enjoy it more and more.  Christmas hat wearing is a must!

      Emerging from the underground to see people
      enjoying themselves at the outdoor skating
      by the Naturals History museum

      Arriving at the Albert Hall
      Such an iconic building in London the Albert Hall began construction in 1967 and was completed in 1871.  Originally it was to be named Central Hall and was the brain child of Prince Albert who wished to promote the arts and sciences.  Unfortunately Albert dies of typhoid fever in 1861 and did not even see the beginning of it's construction.  Everything was put on hold until his fiend resurrected the idea and it became renamed  the Albert Hall.  Queen Victoria was so overcome with emotion she was unable at the opening to speak, instead stepping in her place her son, Price of Wales spoke.

      The building itself never ceases to amaze me but it is at Christmas that I think it is at it's most spectacular with light adornments hung from the boxes and the joyous feeling that can be felt within.  should you ever get the chance to visit, jump at it.  The exterior of the building which you see a glimpse of here is built from over 6 million red bricks and some 80 thousand blocks of terracotta, which includes a continuous 800 foot long frieze.
      History of the Albert Hall

      Song sheet all ready, the concert is a mix of
      listening to the professional singers
      and choristers and we singing a long too.

      A tipple helps the singing voice don't you know...

      A snippet of the signing...

      Just magical

      The whole event is so well thought out

      People really do make an effort to 'get into' the festive spirit

      Once the concert is over we are always reluctant to traipse straight home so it has also now become tradition to head over to Carnaby Street and eat at one of the best burger places we know.  This is doubly good as we then have a feel of the London Christmas spirit.  Life here in the city is so buzzy and busy, love it.

      Carnaby Street lights

      Oxford Street lights

      Oxford Street

        Have you begun any new traditions in your family?  


      1. It all looks fabulous! I'm not surprised it gets you all in the festive spirit. You cant beat a good singalong, and the lights are amazing. The only tradition (if I can call it that after only a few years) we have is a visit to a Christmas market and a trip to see the reindeer. I am, starting today, going to be buying a new tree decoration every year. X

        1. Love the idea of visiting the reindeer Jules. And new decoration each year is fabulous. Ella collects glass baubles. Post about it tomorrow, may give you another idea!!

      2. That sounds amazing, such a great evening.

      3. What a wonderful tradition, I envy you.

      4. What a wonderful evening. A great tradition for sure.

      5. When we go on holiday we always try and find something for the tree at Xmas.

      6. It sounds wonderful and the atmosphere must amazing.

      7. The Royal Albert Hall is such a splendid place, I love the 'mushrooms' on the ceiling. It must be extra special to be part of such a Christmassy concert. x

      8. Christmas in London - how great and cool is that!
        Would be like to travel...

      9. We were at the Natural History Museum earlier this summer. What fun to have a skating rink in front. I'd love to do Christmas in England one year ... it all looks so festive and traditional.

        Wishing you a beautiful day...
        Brenda (from Canada)


      I will always read all comments and will try to reply but it may take me a couple of days, do please pop back and lets get a conversation going...