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      Hygge or Lagom?

      February 2nd

      2016 saw the explosion of the Scandinavian word hygge and many many are still reading the vast number of books being published on the subject but those in the know understand that fads and phases change as quickly as the British weather and the current 'in' Scandinavian word hails from Sweden, that of lagom.

      Being of Norwegian descent I know this Swedish word, in fact we have it too but for us it merely means suitable, comfortable and fitting.  The Swedish version sits well with the current trend for the Scandinavian well-being and way of life.  In Swedish the word means the right amount, just enough, it's about not going without but not over indulging too.

      As a child and as a mother to young children I followed the very Scandinavian approach to sweets. My children were allowed them and I did not forbid sugar, but it was a Saturday treat, in Norway known as lørdag godteri, translated to Saturday sweets.  In the shops in Norway you can find ready filled bags labelled Saturday Sweets.  So enjoy yourself but just by the right amount.

      A great article that sums up lagom for me personally was written by Anna Hart recently, pop and have a read, the Scandis do know how to do things well.

      The photo tat 'hooked' me in
      However saying that I shall harp back to hygge as the most exciting CAL (crochet along) I have seen for ages is about to hit the online world, hosted again by Scheepjeswol, you may recall that I took part in their CAL last year and was uber impressed with the weekly written pattern, help on social media and great hand holding, but it was Ester's marvellous video tutorials that had me hooked from the off and again Ester will be holding everyone's hand with new video tutorials.

      This hygge cal features lots of embroidery onto of the crochet, this is something I have often thought to do but as yet am to try, so learning new skills will be fun.  Want to see what it's all about...

      The photo was enough to hook me in and so I have opted for the rainbow set as I feel the colours just pop, besides I have nothing like it in my wardrobe as I often wear black and greys and felt this may 'lift' me.

      Just look at the detail
      To see all the shawls click on link to Ester's blog page:  All the hygge shawls

      A great range of colours to choose from 

      And here is my set all ready to begin in a couple of weeks

      So even though after my last post telling you that I have too many WIPs, I succumbed to this one and just cannot wait to get going...

       I am too old and set in my ways to change!

      Just found this gorgeous picture of the rainbow shawl on the International Facebook as well as on Ester's blog page,  just look at those colours, don't they just come alive!

      Rainbow hygge shawl


      1. It certainly looks beautiful, looking forward to watching yours grow. x

      2. Wow, it's amazing, I shall look forward to watching it take shape as well. And thanks for keeping me on trend with the latest word. CJ xx

      3. Wow it's gorgeous and although I'm currently having a crochet phase, I know that is beyond my capabilities. I still haven't finished a granny square blanket I started five years ago so we're all just as bad with our WIPs.

        1. It might not be Fiona, the video tutorials are really well ade and clear, plus the social media help you will get from this if stuck will be huge, go on, try...

      4. It is stunning, a beautiful creation. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

        1. Thank you mammamercantile, I'm looking forward to getting stuck in

      5. Oh wow! It's beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your work. X

      6. I am going to be doing the pastel version, have my kit all ready to go!

      7. I had seen on IG that you were Amy, we can keep each other company on progress and help!

      8. Wow, gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow.

        1. Me too Annie, have so much on my plate right now, hope this is not adding one thing too many... eeek


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