Christmas wrapping with an icy twist

December 27th 2018

This year we have decided that our summer holiday next year should be a little different.  I will in due course post more about where and why but suffice to say we are going to embark on a new sailing adventure.

Keeping my husbands Christmas presents along this next adventure theme and not being in the zone to make his presents this year, I decided to buy the items that I know he will need and would have had to buy anyway!!  This way we save money and he does not feel guilty about spending so much on his dreams, plus it shows him I hope that I am behind him wholeheartedly on this adventure. He only hears me being cautious and maybe negative sounding when really I do think it will be a trip of a lifetime.  I see risks and say, 'But, what if...' and  'How will that be possible?' and also, 'Is that not too dangerous?'

With all this in mind with only a few days to Christmas day, I decided it would be great to wrap his presents in a way that maybe gave a hint to what was inside.  Plus I normally make him at least part of his present every year and this year I had not made anything.  I realised that I had left it too late to make the wrapping out of paper mache which would have worked brilliantly so thought I would have to construct it out of card and paper instead.  My daughter's friend loves to create and when she was here with only four days to go before D day and I mentioned to her what I had in mind, I could see she was on board and she gleefully replied, 'Leave it to me!'  The following afternoon, Ella called upon her to see how they could construct said wrapping ideas when she was informed by her friend that she had already begun, all was in hand and that she was using ice to create it!  On hearing this, I was both astonished and somewhat alarmed as we were to be spending Christmas at friends, a good 45-minute drive away, also knowing they had a very small freezer, added to the fact that one of my presents was electronic, I panicked a little.  So I too began creating out of paper and card and we ended up with two... ICEBERGS.  Mine was the least impressive by far!   Want to see...

Excuse the blurred image.  John was led outside to the garden,
where we shouted, mind the icebergs! Inside both were his Christmas presents all
on the theme of cold weather.

My paper and card iceberg

The real iceberg

Just to give you an idea of the size of the wrapping iceberg,
it was hollow inside and was able to hold 3 gifts all on the theme of cold weather

  Do you have any unusual wrapping stories to share?   

Trust you all have had a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all your lovely 
comments here on the blog, each one is truly appreciated.


  1. So realistic! How creative as well. Now I am thinking your adventure could be quite hazardous. Eek! x

  2. Fantastic wrapping idea! I like them both, but I see what you mean about the 'real' iceberg. Now I'm curious; are you going to Iceland? lol No rush, I'm a very patient person and I do love anticipation! Looking forward to your next adventure! And life is no more dangerous in unfamiliar situations than at home; we just get anxious when we are uncertain about things. Look at how my summer turned out . . . :-)

    much love to you. Too late to share my own stories (2.30am); I'll have to come back. ~ Linne


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