Colour zest for the garden

3rd July

It is here!  It has arrived!  The outdoor Autentico paint that I have been waiting on.  Today was the first opportunity I had to visit this fabulous shop in Marlow: Where Sara had kindly put away the colour of my choice for me, Heliotrope.  Admittedly I was initially after a more hot house kind of pink, but am delighted by this result never the less.   As with all Autentico paints,(see post here)  little or no preparation is needed.  Just slap it on, let it dry and enjoy!  I love it, what do you think?

The quiet hidden corner in the garden was looking unloved and for sometime now I had wanted to add a splash of colour, today was the day!

The bench is old and a little wobbly and beginning to rot, but we will ignore that.  There was some moss that had attached itself to the bench, so the only preparation I did was to wire brush it off, I did not prepare any other parts of the bench at all, just where there was greenery.

Oooh, that is pink! Yikes, 'wonder what the family will think kept creeping into my mind',
but it didn't stop me as you will see..

At this point I started to become excited.

This photograph was taken to show you that I really did not prepare the wood at all.

Sara suggested that I apply two coats, but today I was short on time, so this is only one coat and it took me just under an hour.  If I have time tomorrow, I will 'slap on' coat number two.

With a little cushion dressing, (see here ) I think the corner has begun to 'zing'.

Umm, what should I do with that fence though?!?!?

Despite being rushed off my feet in various things, I took five minutes to enjoy the new corner as I like to think of now.  It is hidden from the house and no one would know I am here, even with such a bright colour addition.  Yes, I can envisage some summer crocheting evenings sitting here...

Hope you have a bright and cheery week!

12 comments: said...

The bench looks gorgeous. :-) And the fence... maybe an intense mid blue?
Having been inspired by you, I'm ordering Autentico for various bits of furniture. Of course I will credit your inspiration when I blog about it.

bestemor said...

I love it! Tore says I should ask if you have some leftover paint for my bench

Selma from said...

~Thank you. I am also going to purchase some more in more subdued colours, such as the muted greys and creams for the spare bedroom furniture. Cannot wait to see what you do and what you think to the paint ♥

Selma from said...

Umm, not too bold and brash for you?!?! It adds a good splash of colour, but I would not want it in my face so to speak. wonder what the reaction will be from John. Jack asked if I could have painted it in any worse colour! Ella thought it looked great. Fear it could be a gender colur decideor!!!

Amy at love made my home said...

Fantastic Selma!!!! Your bench is very cute anyway, but looks even better now, and you will deter the males of your family from sitting on it, leaving you free to enjoy it! I hope that you are feeling OK now? xx

Selma from said...

You are tight, think the males of the family may well leave it alone, so I can happily sit and read or crochet and sip a chilled glass of wine. Thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts ♥

Mama Elf said...

The bench and your garden look FABULOUS! I would just leave the fence as it is. For me it gives a lovely weather worn backdrop for your colourful bench and happy cushions. I love paints which can just slapped on, the prep work for painting is so tedious.

Victoria Katze said...

It's so amazing result! With sunflowers and bunting it looks so bright and cosy

Selma from said...

Thank you. I did wonder about leaving the fence. Certainly no time at present to do anything about it and adding more colour in that corner may just totally freak the family out��

Selma from said...

Thank you. I am pleased and sun flowers are such happy cheery flowers

Annaboo said...

A pink bench?!!!
I blimmin' LOVES it!!'
And it looks super in your little corner.
What a lovely blog you have (am newest follower btw)
Have a lovely weekend,
Sarah xxx

Selma from said...

Thank you! I blimmin loves it too!!! Thank you for taking the time to comment and long the blog. Means a lot as I flow yours and think your work inspirational x