Boxing Day - New Years Eve

26th -31st December

I love these days between Christmas and the New Year, they are full of so much and yet so little, what do I mean?  Well, the days tend to be filled with all sorts of activities from this year we walked in the countryside, swam at the leisure centre and cycled along the village and town roads.  The weather was a mixed bag but knowing there was a roaring fire back at home made it all the more sweet coming through the front door.  In between this hive of activity there were more family to entertain within our home and others to visit.  Some sneaky TV watching was had, newly acquired presents were used and worked out and some lounging around on the sofa eating yet even more gorgeous food.  Not to forget, time for both a little crocheting and knitting.  Can you see why I love these days... not once have I felt rushed, hassled or stressed between Christmas and New Year and that IS a good feeling


Some of the homemade goodies eaten over the last few days
The middle photograph on the food montage is a very typical Norwegian dessert made from the left overs of grøt that is traditionally made on Christmas Eve, receipe for that can be found on my post:
so with the left overs, all you need to do is whip up some double cream and stir it in.  The red sauce is made from blackcurrant cordial and cornflour.  Put both in a pan with water and boil up gently until the sauce thickens up slightly, pour warm or cold over your 'ris krem' Norway's answer to rice cream, a totally moorish dish.  Give it a go.

Fresh air always feel extra good after having been indoors over the Christmas period to try and rid oneself of that bloated excess feeling, sometime it is not all that easy to push yourself out, but never once have I regretted it afterwards!

Below you will find home made marzipan, made into various food shapes, a 'must' on our Christmas making list of things we always do.  Felted knitted slippers worn all over the Christmas period, in traditional Scandinavian Christmas red, what other colour would do?  And finally my current knitting project, socks with a heel heart , knitting whilst in bed!



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