New Year's Day 2014

1st January

Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope it brings us all happiness and joy but most of all good health.  You hear this so much that it almost grates, but the sentiments are so important that maybe we do not hear it enough.  Ummm, so New Year resolutions?  Ummmm... not sure, have not even given it a moments thought, will have to ponder on that, many things I would like to do, have to do, need to do, not sure that I really need New Year's resolutions?!?!  What about you?  Would love to hear from you, post a comment below and tell me what you are up to!

Despite having a late night/early morning with family and friends I did manage to knit a little today, not as much as I would have liked, but a little, my concentration was about as great as a gnat so I did not last long, maybe tomorrow...

A much needed coffee to keep me awake, the knitting that I am
playing with at the momet, socks with a heart motif and
lovely homemade mini mince pies and chocolate.
A perfect New Year's day in my book

For us the weather has been dull, grey, windy and that nothingy drizzle type rain that makes seeing anything impossible and makes you wetter that you could imagine, so it became an indoors type of day, where one child settled into the TV, the other decided to rearrange her whole room. You know that feeling when you begin something and it becomes bigger than you had anticipated but now it is too late to turn back type of feeling, well I believe my daughter has just learnt that!  However, she continued all day and just before she collapsed into bed, her room was completely different to how it had begun the day.  New room arrangement, new year!

I have decided that I shall not be posting every day in the coming  months, as I must admit to be taken by surprise at how long blogging takes and so many things went to the way side in our home and in my life during December, that it cannot continue like that.  So I shall endeavour to post every week and occasionally more when the time and feeling permit me.  I have much in this eclectic life that wants to be shared not least our latest sailing adventure which is gradually building momentum and pace and is coming to fruition, all very exciting here on the home front.  More on this in the coming weeks. But a sneak peak at the fifth member of our family below, Brimble.  During these winter months now that Christmas is past and that joy is gone for another year, many turn their thoughts towards new goals and dreams, we are no different and ours tend to flow towards Brim and where she will take us next...

Writing about Christmas being over and all the twinkly Christmas lights soon to be taken down, our days will seem short and the nights long, it is at this time of year that I often try and brighten up the black that I seem to live in and today I went all out to wear bright for January 1st...


I leave you with one last photograph that has cheered me no end, spring is not that far away, it may be forced and indoors, but outside the snowdrops are pushing through...

For now, have a wonderful start to the year and I hope you are able to spend a little time enjoying yourself and 'creating' in your own eclectic lives, pop by and visit me when you have the chance


  1. Inspired by your lovely blog, my New Year's resolution is to learn a new craft each month! January's is crochet (expect calls for help!).

    1. Always here to help Helen. I too want to try new things and received a DIY paper cutting kit for Christmas. Will be posting about it once I have managed to make time to try will be blogging the results! Crocheting is addictive by the way!


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