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      British weather, food and crocheting!

      3rd January
      Bent sign from the hailstones, but I was glad to be back home!
      The Queen would hate me as I hear she cannot stand it when people make small talk about the British weather, but in days like these (sure that is in a song somewhere...) where the weather is so amazingly quick at changing from glorious blue skies to dark foreboding ones, why not!  Having spent an enjoyable day and night in London yesterday accompanying my daughter and her friends, the journey home this morning was in brilliant sunshine, until the last five minutes of motorway driving, when the largest hailstones I have EVER seen in my life descended from the heavens above.  Driving became difficult and the three girls who were singing at the tops of their voices along to the radio did not notice my hands clutching the steering wheel very tightly and that we had slowed down to a snails pace.  The wipers could not keep up, the road was wet and slippery and the surface water made the drive more like a skating rink. Genuinely glad to arrive home today, I made them all hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallow as a treat and myself a VERY strong coffee!

      The largest hail stone I have ever seen!

      Hot chocolate with marshmallow and cream.
      Just what was needed

      The year has however started well and I am excited about the year to come, leaving home yesterday to take the girls to London, I had not thought about any craft work to do whilst they were gallivanting around the sales, so I just grabbed the closest ball of wool and a crochet hook as we bundled out of the door. Whilst they were shopping, I sat myself down to a coffee and looked to see what I had brought with me, it was Christmas red! Not really what I would have liked to have worked on and so pondered as to what I could make. I came up with the idea of a crocheted basket for my make up and so settled down to begin. A coffee later and I was hungry so I ordered Vietnamese soup, A Pho chicken with extra chili, it was delicious and a great warming dish.

      I did receive some very funny looks from people with my large bowl of soup and crocheting. Thank goodness Mr H was not with me, he would not have been impressed. In fact he made a sign over Christmas and hung it on our front door, want to see it...


      But 'tension' does not stop me (Mr H is secretly pleased that it makes me happy, he is just a tad worried that the house might be taken over by crocheted this and that though...) so in bed this morning, after he had left for work,  I continued with the red crochet basket as the girls watched movies.  After all, is this not what the new year holiday is all about, relaxing before we all hit the clocks that rule our lives again.  I am hoping that the basket may be finished tonight and my make up  will be beautifully organised, a sneak peak so far...



      1. You paint such a wonderful picture of your family and your home - I love it!

        1. Thank you Phil. We are a happy and disorganised lot who always strive to be better! Happy New Year to you. PS LOVE your twins jumpers, will pop over to you soon and offically comment!


      I will always read all comments and will try to reply but it may take me a couple of days, do please pop back and lets get a conversation going...