Brick stitch crochet bag - just can't stop!

25 February 
Side view of the brick stitch bag
made with scrap yarn!

They are growing and it is out of control.  I have always loved bags and shoes and when in my sewing phase, I made many bags in all shapes and sizes but now it is filtering into my crochet life!!  This is bag number two in less than a week, both made with new stitches I had not tried before.  To find the previous bag using the cluster stitch, I love the colours I made that one in, just follow the link:

This bag was made in the same way as my previous bag, but instead of watching the video tutorial (there is one for this too) I worked straight from the written pattern.  However, I love the fact that each of these patterns from Bob can be used either by watching and following or by the traditional method of a written pattern.  This bag was quick to make, not super quick as the cluster stitch bag, but it was made in about 3-4 hours.  I would call that a quick make for a crocheted bag, wouldn't you?

I found this brick stitch a better stitch for a bag than the cluster stitch as it has no gaps between the stitches and is quite dense, thus making for a sturdy bag all round and no chance of lip liners or pens falling through the stitches.  For me personally the stitch looks grand, but perhaps not as attractive as the cluster stitch.  So I will need to make a third bag and line a cluster bag and then decide which I prefer!  What about you, cluster or brick stitch for a crocheted bag?

I will not go into the details here of how to make the bag, you can find the link below, but will post my photos to show you how it grew...

Circular base made to desired diameter and then new colour added for the beginning of the sides.

After two rows of the blue brick stitch the sides are already clearly forming.

Side view showing row 1 and 2 of the brick stitch in blue.

Close up of rows 1-3 of the brick stitch

Below you can clearly see the difference when only one row of brick stitch is used and the difference when built up with the second row, look at the white yarn.

The bag begins to feel spacious and deep very quickly.

As I was trying to use up stashed scrap yarn, I was beginning to doubt the colour combination for the bag and almost lost heart with it.

Re-introducing the red from the base of the bag began to bring it all together and my faith slowly became restored.

Once the desired height was reached, stitch markers, in this case different coloured yarn, were put in place to mark the handles.

The same technique was used with the cluster stitch bag to make the handles, starting with chain stitch and then triple crocheting into the chain to add the desired width.  I used a much smaller hook to get into the chain as that made it much easier.  Bag was crocheted with a 6mm hook, but triple stitched into the chain with a 3mm hook.

The finished article.  Not too shabby for a free bag made from scrap yarn! 
And all it took was a few hours!

Link to making the brick stitch bag can be found on the brilliant website of Bob Wilson, she gives clear and concise video tutorials or you can use the written pattern:

I would love to know if you make either of the cluster or brick stitch bags.  If you have trouble commenting, email and let me know at:
Would love to hear from you, after all, that is what it's all about!


  1. It turned out really cute! I have to give this stitch a try!

    1. It is really easy Zelna and with your amazing talent and great colour combinations I will really look forward to seeing what you do x

  2. I have been looking for a bag to store my current projects in...think I've found it thanks but now the bag is my current project :-)

    1. Hello and thanks fro stopping by and commenting, really appriciate it. Think the bag will make a great store for current projects and sorry to have given you a new project to work on ;) Hope you let me know how you get on with it and maybe post a photo? thanks again, Selma

  3. Selma, I saw your comment on Attic24's blog post and had to pop over to see how your bag turned out. I love it, and especially love the colors. I've been working on a few scrapbuster projects myself lately. One is a Flowers in Bloom baby afghan I've designed. I'd love to invite you to take a look, if you like, and I look forward to seeing what else you work on. Kind Regards, Mary

    1. oooh, will definately pop over and see, thanks for letting me know. Thank you too for taking the time to come over here and see what I do and commenting as well. Welcome back any time , Selma ♥


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