Crocheted visor

28th February

I seem to keep trying out lots of new things at the moment and am having such good fun!  The latest try out, is still on the hook, one finished and one more to complete before I can show you, but in the mean time I hooked up something else today.  And guess what?  I made two!  In under two hours!!!

Using the great Bob Wilson tutorials, I was able to hook up two crocheted visors (one red and one neon green) all ready for some sun and Spring to arrive.  Link to her great tutorial is below and here are my stages of the hooking process, enjoy and give it a go.  I think this is the fastest project I have ever undertaken...

First you chain 10 and half triple crochet into each chain and carry on until you have the length you desire to wrap around your head.  Crochet stretches, so I crocheted about 8cm smaller than my head.


Sew the ends together to create a loop and then mark outbthe section where you would like the visor section to be, mark with yarn or stitch markers.


Bob describes it very clearly when to increase the stitches, but basically for this section of the visor you need to use double yarn, and again will half triple crochet into stitches; super quick.


Before you know it, it is finished!!!!!


Bob Wilson tutorial fo the Cutis visor:

Enjoy!  Give it a go!
Have a great week end!

Let me know how you get on!


  1. Oh my goodness, it would just be too much like tempting fate to make visors, the sun woukd stay away forever, but I admire yours, so neat and great colours. Fiona

    1. I know Fiona, I did worry a little about that and the day after I made them it poured with rain AGAIN! However the sun is shining today, so I live in hope...

  2. Wow, you're speedy! Love the results. Now we just need some sun...

    1. I may be speedy, but I am not as commited as you, I see your stained glass crochet has grown enourmously, am so in awe of you...


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