Crocheted heart pillows

Crocheted pillow hearts take just over an hour each to make
19th February 

There is no denying it, I love hearts, this is my fifth posting on hearts and all are different, if you are interested here are the other posts:

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So why more hearts?  My daughter has been ill, nothing serious, but it has wiped her out for the last week and I wanted to show her how much I love her and wish her better, so as we have both been forced to stay indoors during half term (school holiday in the UK) whilst she was still sleeping this morning I decided to revisit a blog that I love and finally 'have a go' at the pillow heart cushion that I had been coveting since I had seen it  a few weeks ago.  The blog in question?

If you have not visited Monica's blog before, then I urge you too, she is inspirational and it is easy to catch her enthusiasm.  Her patterns and tutorials are clearly written and easy to follow.

Crocheted heart pillow
I will not write up the details of how to make these hearts as there is a link below to Monica's pattern.  But thought I would share the photo journal of my creations from today. 


Already I was glad my husband was not around as I was crocheting these,  I am sure I can imagine what he would say...

The shape just became funnier and funnier, but my excitement grew rapidly as these are fast and fun to make!  (Notice I was crocheting in bed this morning!  Daughter was also in her bed ill, Mr H was at work and my son is away for the week, I should have been concentrating on admin and paper work but... who could resist these over chores?)

 In just over an hour I had made a heart pillow for my daughter ill in bed

And a few hours later I had made three hearts

The pattern as I have said, is easy to follow, quick to make and exciting to to have something so gorgeous, so quickly produced.  Those of you who know me that this pattern is 'just up my street'.  I love this pattern and think Monica is a pure genius.  I am sure I shall be returning to this pattern again and again over the years to come. 
Monica, thank you x


  1. Replies
    1. They are such fun to make and because of the large hook used are really quick

  2. I love the beginning photos - you could totally stick a couple of straps on those and call it a bra:-) nice and warm for the cold winter!

    1. I know I was giggling so much yesterday morning as I was making them. They really would be toasty warm. Hope things your end are improving weather wide. Thinking of you in the cold x

  3. Oh they're beautiful! I hope they cheered your daughter up. I can't believe you made them so fast.

    1. I keep wanting to make more, they are such good fun and so quick, they just fly off the hook. Hope you are well and the brewery is coping in this weather ♥

  4. Selma, I've said it before and I'll say it again, your pillows turned out great! I'm also convinced that you're quicker than I am at making these. ;) Thank you for your sweet compliments! ♥♥♥

    1. You are so welcome and thanks for coming over. Your pattern is do easy, straight forward and fun and produces the most wonderful results. I shall be making many more and always looking out for other patterns you create. You are brilliant.


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