Flowers, flooding and crafting

7th February 
Flowers on my window sill this week,
the colours really compliment each other

I am always happiest when there are flowers in the house.  If I am ever low, it is money well spent to go and pick up a few stems; there is something about flowers that just lift my heart.

If I had all the money in the world, there are two things I would like to do selfishly just for me:  to always have a vase of flowers in the house and clean crisp newly washed bed sheets every day.  My mother will laugh at the last one!  Can't help it, love the cleanness and freshness of newly laundered sheets.  How I survived a gap year travelling in Asia on a very tight budget all those years ago, I will never know.  But, I digress...

Here in the UK we have had amazing weather, it would appear we are not alone, some areas of Europe are drowning in snow and America has experienced two Polar vortex, who had ever heard of that before this year?  We are lucky, despite living only a 10~15 minute walk away from the beautiful river Thames, we are not flooded, but many around us are. 

Mostly the days have been grey and dull, but in between there has been the most glorious blue sky and I search and yearn for it and cannot help but make a comment the moment we see that vibrant blue in the sky, it just sings with happiness.

Blue sky through the window with the yellow
of the daffodils makes for a stunning colour
combination and all natural, nature is amazing, isn't it?

Today whilst driving to the local super market, I was diverted twice due to flooding. 

We are surrounded by these signs, but just look at the location,
back drop of a listed building with herringbone brick pattern

...but actually enjoyed myself immensely as I took the opportunity, the sky was blue, to take my time whilst driving and to stop and take photographs of the signs of spring, despite the weather, nature will not be held back. And guess what I spotted in the neighbouring village? Crocus', lots of them, popping their heads out in the winter sun! Beautiful.

Everything looks so much better in the sunshine.  I have passed this tree for the last fourteen years and every year, smile as I pass when these first snowdrops pop up.  The beginning of hope I always feel...

And even in my own garden the snow drops are springing up...

At this time of year, I search out for colour wherever I can, just to brighten up the mood and the feeling of mid winter.  In our food too, we try and add zest whenever we can... pomegranate and spinach, great colour vibrant combination, we added it to our linguine chicken dish!

But what about crafting and making?  Well the mood blanket continues to grow and I am still in love with the colours which is a relief as I have another ten months of work on it!  But with Valentines day approaching, I foolishly decided to make a heart garland to giveaway on my facebook page , I say foolishly, I am enjoying, but have so many other things to do...  All I asked was that anyone who would like a heart garland like a heart photo on my Fb page and leave a comment, it is not too late, draw will take place midday (UK time) Saturday 8th February 2014.  I shall post to anywhere in the world, I wonder who gets it.  I have found a great random number generator that I shall use to pick the recipient, it is all very exciting.

And on that note, I best fly off and do those million of things that need to be done, including finishing the garland, see only the hearts are made so far and all those threads!!!!  

Until next time...


  1. Hello - just found your blog and enjoying hearing about things in the UK, and seeing some of your wonderful photographs and crochet. I had to chuckle at your reference to the Polar Vortex (also knowns as January). I live in Northern California, and we have had unseasonably warm weather and a tremendous drought, but finally getting some badly needed rain in the valleys and an abundance of snow in the Sierras.

    Blessings, Michele

    1. Hellomichele and welcome. Glad you have found us! Funny how we think the world is a small ave but actually know very little if it. I had not heard of a polar vortex before this year! Hopefully all us now well your end and things may return a little more to normal. Do you crochet? Hope you come back again x

  2. It's strange how early the spring flowers have appeared this year. Nature doesn't seem to know what month it is. Beautiful photos.

    1. It really is bizarre that nature is still pushing on through despite this weather. I had been telling the children from the beginning of Jan that I thought we would have snow this month, did not expect this continual rain. Our road has been flooded from the drains, man holes have been up and water everywhere, we have however been ok, just very very slow toilet draining, so have been a tad nervous about that! It's a mad world out there. Hope you and yours are ok in your brewery x

  3. Lovely photos. Daffodils are my favorite. They were my bridal bouquet flowers. ♥ That picture of them in the jar with the deep blue sky behind them is just gorgeous. :)

    And I love the crocheted heart cards too. Someday when I learn to crochet, I'll try that. The cards are lovely.

    'Glad to have found you and your blog. :)

    1. Aww, thank you Val. What a great choice for a wedding bouquet, genius, bet that looked amazing. They are such happy cheery flowers. Am also glad you found me and hope you continue to enjoy, see you back here soon, thanks for posting a comment, means a lot x


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