Hearts, hearts and ♥

10th February  

Simple but effective paper hearts
I have always had a problem with hearts, maybe because I like girlie things, maybe because of my Scandinavian background, or just simple, they are a symbol for all that I treasure.  At Christmas the house is particularly surrounded and adorned with hearts from cooking to decorating to brooches and patterns on clothes, but at other times of the year, I have a few hearts here and there.  But February, well that is another matter, surely I can legitimately surround myself and the house in hearts, after all Valentines is around the corner...

Time for me is of a premium, we seem to live in a fast paced world, full of inspiring people, and really all I would like to do is to sit and create, but in reality this cannot be and so with all my WIPs (works in progress) this year I had to have just a quick fix at adding hearts into my life.  The paper hearts strung up on old fashioned string I think are simple and hugely effective and take very little time to make, so little, that I had time to whip some up today...

Paper hanging hearts ♥
You will need:
paper, scissors or cutting tools, stapler, pencil, string

You will most likey already have everything
you need to make the hearts

Take any paper you fancy, can be wrapping paper, sheet music looks great, craft paper or even white plain paper.  For extra special effect you could use double sided patterned paper, for extra 'wow'.

Mark on the paper the desired width, I was using paper slightly larger than A4 and cut along the width of the paper. My width dimensions for the strips were 1.5cm, but you can use any measurement.  Cut out six strips for the heart and an extra strip for the hanging.

Staple the seven strips together about 1-2 cm from the end of the strip.

Separate the strips with three on each side and the middle strip left straight up, this will be the hanging strip.  I omitted the strip in this photogrpah and so had to add it in at the end!

Start to shape the inner most strip into a heart shape, remembering that this needs to be the smallest of the hearts, then take the middle strip and shape it slightly larger and then finally take the outer strip and shape it as large as you can, making sure the hearts compliment each other.  You will be left with different length strips at the bottom, the smallest heart will have the most left over for instance.  See below, this is not fiddly, but you will need to hold the ends to keep the shape.


Once happy with the look of the hearts, staple them together where I am holding them in the above photograph.


It was at this point I realised I had omitted the hanging strip, so quickly undid the top staple and added in the seventh strip.  Trim the excess paper at the bottom of the heart, to the desired length and add a small hole in the top hanging strip, thread with string and hang up!

Quick, simple and effective hearts to add to the home

In the bedroom, I couldn't resist putting back up the hearts that we usually have for Christmas.  These are incredibly quick to make, cut out two heart shapes, felt is best as it will not fray, stuff with toy stuffing if you have, if not cotton wool works just as well and sew round the edges as best you can.  I used blanket stitch in contrasting thread as I think that looks rustic and simple.  ~But you could use running stitch, a sewing machine or even glue it if you are adverse to sewing!  Quick and simple and romantic?!?!?


Many years ago I made a whole set of coasters in heart shapes for a dinner party, these were actually made out of an old men's shirt and thread, made very much the same as the hearts for the bed, but instead of stuffing them, I placed crushed cloves and cinnamon sticks to add a little aroma too.  These are looking a little old and sad now, perhaps I should get to cutting out hearts and sewing again too...


...and finally this years Valentine card had to be crocheted...

And a close up, mini hearts crocheted and glued onto white card.


Happy Valentines to you all
Would love to know if you make anything heart related...


  1. Beautiful! You're so clever in so many different crafts.

    1. Thank you! but in honesty nothing is perfect, if I worried about that I would not get anything done, so I sacrifice perfection...not always the right thing!

  2. Love your paper hearts - they're so simple and look so effective. I'm going to make some of these tonight while my husband is out. Thanks for sharing these :-D

    1. Thank you, I love them too, they are sooo simple and as you say very effective. Hope you have fun tonight and enjoy! Would love to know how you get on and where you put them ♥


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