A Super Sunny Spring Weekend

9th March  

This one is for you Fiona,
always thinking of you ♥

Here in the UK we have had the most glorious of spring week ends, the sun has shone and everyone
seems happier and the world seems brighter. 

What a week end.  I am just going to let the photographs do the talking today ♥

♥Hope where ever you are, you are with those you love and have had a good weekend too♥


  1. It's so refreshing to see signs of spring at last, although it's also disconcerting, given that we haven't really had a winter yet. Love the picture of the Clumps at the end. And those pansies are a wonderful purple-blue.

    1. I agree, we really need a spring but not because, as you say, of a harsh winter, what winter? But the incessant rain has taken its toll. Hoping for a glorious summer and not some non descript season. I like the contrasts to be strong... Love the Clumps x


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