Lavender filled Jane Foster hearts

7th March  

Even the packaging was fun and I couldn't wait to open it!
Just before Christmas I discovered the very talented Jane Foster who creates simple yet elegant screen prints onto fabric.  One of her designs has been a big hit in Ikea.  Think simple Scandinavian design and you won't be far off on the type of creations she can produce.

I feel in love with her heart screen printed fabric (no surprise there) and treated myself to her DIY heart kit.  It has taken me 3 months to find the time to make them, even though I knew they would be quick and fun to make, other things seemed to get in the way.  But today was my day, and what a day it was, blue sky, sunshine and WARMTH. 

Very little sewing is required, I chose to machine sew around the edges but you could hand sew if you want.  Jane suggests filling the hearts with toy stuffing or lavender.  As I still have an abundance of dried lavender from last summer, lavender hearts were the option for me.

Inside the package, the quality of the printing and fabric were superb. Instructions were clear too.

Instead of cutting out the hearts and then pinning them into place on the white backing material, I chose to sew them in situ.  Worked well and saved time.

It was easy to see the line to follow for sewing despite it being inside out and with no pins to follow. The day was hotting up, a first in the UK this year, and so I threw open the doors and let the Spring air in.  I was treated to the sound of birds and the first lawn mowing took place, I just waited for the freshly cut grass smell to waft into the house and I wasn't disappointed, I just love that smell, full of hope and summer, don't you think?

Once all the hearts were sewn and turned the right way round, they needed filling with lavender.  I had kept the gaps not sewn quite small (deliberately) but that did make it a little tricky to fill the hearts.  It smelt great though.

The sun  began to shine and so I could not help it but decided to sew the gaps by hand outside in the sunshine.  It was so warm out there today, so very different for the many weeks of rain we have had, it felt good.

A few stitches to close the gaps and the hearts were finished.  My daughter as soon as she saw them has nabbed two for her knicker drawers!

The finished hearts outside in the sunshine.  Today has been such a good day. Thank you Jane for designing these lovely hearts, I have really enjoyed making them.  Cannot wait for them to surprise me everytime I open a clothes draw!

To find these hearts and see what else Jane produces follow this link:

What are you up to this week end, something lovely, I hope.♥


  1. Beautiful. You are creatively talented in so many ways.

    1. Thank you ♥ It is so easy to make things and have fun when the sun shines. Hope your beautiful monster stained glass rug is coming along ;) Have a great week end, they say the weather should be good esp on Sunday x

    2. So sweet hearts :) And thank you :) they reminded me that i wanted to do aroma stones

    3. You are kind. But what are aroma stones. Am intrigued, maybe I might like to make them?

    4. Can't find any nice master class in english but here r a lot of photoz
      It needs just gypsum powder. And these holes on surfase r for drops of essential oil.
      I had an idea to decorate them with painting. Just gouache or aquarelle flowers and cover it with varnish. And some people decorate it with decoupage. Hope it will be useful! )

    5. Wow! Great, my daughter and I really want to try this, so maybe in the next few weeks, time permitting. would love to see the ones you make, let me know when you do! thanks for sharing this, it's great. did not know anything about aroma stones before :)


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